Freudian slip in this weeks WT study!

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  • stuckinarut2

    Oh....ok....hahaha...did anyone else pick up on this classic stuff up in the WT for the weekend of 21/22 feb?

    After speaking about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Paragraph 6 says:

    "Only Lot and his daughters, who stuck close to him, survived"

    Hmmm....yep.."stuck close" hey? What, like this??

  • stillin
    I hate it when I really want to watch a clip but my wife is sitting in the same room. I'll catch it later.
  • sowhatnow

    Gagging noise.....

    omg, that whole story just was so stupid, yea right, ill get my dad drunk [and myself near death drunk] and have sex with him, [where did they get wine?]

    EW on more than ten levels ! Id sooner have sex with my sister.

    and gee who recorded that story. what was the purpose??? really did we need to know THOSE details, but not any more of the 'wonderful things' Jesus did because there wasn't enough room for it? lol


    HOW LONG were they alone that they couldn't wait to get back to the city or town to meet other people?

    did they die in the wilderness? lol, so then who knew what happened.

    and God was ok with this because you know he couldn't POSSIBLY make sure they got back to people soon enough.

    what I never understood is WHAT do all these foolish bible stories do for anyone as far as spirituality and knowing who our savior is?

  • freemindfade

    That is so classic, hahahaha, bafoons. Ok Maybe I should answer again for the first time in ages, "the daughters stuck close to lot...giggity

    The video is funny but I never thought of it that way that all his wife did was turn around and BAM salt, he screws both his daughters and nothing

  • NVR2L8
    Imagine what else they may have done that is not recorded in the bible...
  • Simon

    Repeat to yourself:

    ALL scripture is inspired by god and beneficial for teaching, for reproving and setting things straight.

    Yes, stories of some "righteous" old guy having a drunken romp with his own daughters is, erm, "beneficial" ... says the same book that has that crap in it.

  • steve2

    Sterling example of drugging a potential date - not.

    My how times and standards have change - yet they are used as examples to follow.

    "But Your Honor, I was only following my Bible-trained conscience!"

  • wannabefree

    One must wonder how, if he was that drunk, could even perform.

    The sister's cycles must have been in synch too.

    It's in the Bible, it must be true.

  • Xanthippe
    The video is funny but I never thought of it that way that all his wife did was turn around and BAM salt, he screws both his daughters and nothing - Freemindfade

    Yeah obedience without question or you will be destroyed, but incest, meh, not so bad.

    Monotheism just had nowhere to go from there did it?

  • dozy

    Yeah - this always seemed something of a bizarre account to me.

    Even at first glance it looks pretty unlikely, especially if you have had any experience in trying to conceive a baby in a relationship , which often takes several months.

    I remember 20 years or so ago looking at the statistics after one of my ( worldly ) workmates raised it in a humorous way.

    Given that the odds of becoming pregnant from one act of unprotected sex is about 1 in 20 , the odds of both women becoming pregnant would normally be about 1 in 400. But that is having sex with younger guys. Lot was old ( exactly how old is difficult to determine - maybe 70 or 80?. ) Men just over 40 are 30% less fertile than men under 40. There hasn't been much research on even older guys but suffice to assume that the odds are even more astronomical.

    Not to mention the fact that Lot was completely drunk yet able to "perform" on 2 nights running. Or that infant mortality in those days was astronomically high ( living in a cave is hardly the best environment for an expectant mother. ) And having a child by one's father would hugely increase the risk of birth defects or spontaneous miscarriage.

    So the "cunning plan" of Lot's daughters might have seemed reasonable at first glance but in reality the odds of their idea working are completely minuscule - 1 in thousands. They would needed to have been impregnated by their father regularly over several months to have any chance of becoming pregnant. Even then it would probably have taken several pregnancies for one to result in a healthy live birth.

    The only assumption is that this curious "arrangement" had God's backing. In fact , one elder I mentioned this to felt that this must have been the case. But there certainly is no reason for this to be correct. The Moabites & Ammonites ( from whom the offspring were ancestors ) were enemies of the Israelites & constantly at war with them. So how exactly was an arrangement that involved incest & produced enemies of God's people worthy of miraculous divine backing?

    Like so many bible accounts , especially in the OT , this one just doesn't add up. Not that it did Lot any harm. He is still regarded in the NT as "righteous Lot".

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