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    I have been one of Jehovah's Witnesses for about 9 years before I became inactive. I just had some comments I'd like to make.

    I think the reason why I'm inactive now is because I've come to a point in my life where I feel obligated to admit that I just don't know. At one time I was as fiery and zealous of a witness as anyone could be but I had this nagging feeling that I really didn't know what I was talking about when I was witnessing to people. People would bring up objections and I would immediately come up with some sort of response and deep inside my conscience would tell me that I was just being defensive. I would go out in the ministry work and go home completely discouraged and disillusioned. One day I just decided to swallow it and admit to myself that as bad as I wanted all of this to be true I really don't know.

    I'm not saying that I doubt Witness beliefs only, it's everything of a spiritual nature. There simply is no way to prove the Bible is what it says it is. In fact a lot of it seems to come from earlier religions. It's funny how similar the Mosaic law is to a set of laws which were a part of Babylon. It's strange to me that though all animals were supposedly at peace with one another at one time that many of them were designed from the beginning to be meat eaters,makes no sense to me that blood is supposedly so sacred to God yet many animals eat nothing but blood. Why would God design animals to be blood eaters if blood is so sacred to him. And yet still, I realize that all of what I said above is not proof positive that the Bible was simply made up. But, according to the Bible, you have to believe what it says with no doubts at all or your worship is worthless. There are too many unanswered questions for anybody with an honest heart to not doubt it at all.

    Also, I'd like to say that I disagree with the Witness policy not to listen to or read about objections by others about Witness beliefs. If it's the Truth it should stand up under any kind of scrutiny. I think the whole reason for this policy is the fact that there simply is no rock solid basis for any spiritual beliefs,therefore all of those beliefs are open to argumentation, much of which is fair and logical.

    To be fair, I have to say that the Witnesses are good, sincere people. I've read the wholeBible and I still have the opinion that the Witnesses are closer to what it says than any other religion, in beliefs and in conduct and practices. It sounds like there are a lot of angry people on this site that want to bash the WTS. I don't agree with that. All this that I've read about the WTS becoming an NGO affiliate of the UN seems to be a mountain made out of a mole hill. To those of you with this kind of talk I have to say you don't know all of the circumstances involved or the communication between the UN and the WTS. Neither do I. It's not fair to outright call someone a liar when you know that you don't know all of the details. It makes no sense to grab at whatever you can to bash someone. Let it go. You disagree with the WTS and that's fine, but you don't have to try to make good people out to be devils. Most Witnesses are sincere people who really want to help others. I don't agree with all of their beliefs and practices but that's no reason to show hatred. I don't agree with the custom of shunning people who decide to take a different path in life but then, that is in the Bible. I'll just get to the heart of the issue and just say I disagree with the Bible on this point because I can't argue that the practice is not Bible based because it is. It's right there in black and white in 1Cor. What really gets to me is people who simply refuse to accept something that is just all too plain in black and white right there in front of their eyes in writing. The problem is that a lot of people desperately want to believe in the Bible but at the same time want to believe in their own opinions so they'll say anything to fool themselves into believing that their beliefs are in line with the Bible when, in reality, often times they simply aren't. It's like homosexual "Christians" who act too stupid to see that homosexuality is plainly and blatantly bashed by the Bible. It's incredible to me that people think they can be homosexuals and still be Christians. And I'm not a hater of gay people. I work with a couple of them and they are pretty good people. One of them cuts my hair. I really hate the public display of homosexuality though because I feel it is being insensitive to accepted norms in society. I disagree with homosexuality and believe it is a form of perversion and unnatural but I don't hate or shun people because of it. I judge people based on their charactor and not their beliefs or things about them that are none of my business.

    Anyway, I think that's about all that's on my mind for now

  • IP_SEC

    Welcome keo,

    Speaking one's mind is a good thing ya?

  • serendipity

    Welcome keo! I agree that most JWs are sincere people, but the leadership is out of control.

  • Dave_T

    Welcome Keo,
    Clever people like you don't stay in the organization all their lives. It must not be easy for you right now because of all the unanswered questions you thought you knew the answers to. You sound like a very sensible person: Trust your own judgment.

  • Quandry

    Welcome. You make many valid points. Great to have you join us. On the disfellowshipping theme-I also feel that it is legitimate to some degree-just not to the degree that some elders have carried it to. Like when they disfellowship very young people without giving them a chance, or in my child's case, accusing her of something she did not do, lying to her, and making her read a scripture that God viewed her as filth, and she would burn in the fire with the devil and his angels. Can you imagine the feeling of worthlessness this can produce? Where was the love and help? At any rate, keep reading here. You will find out more.

  • Spectre

    Welcome! I could have written a lot of what you just wrote as I'm sure a lot of people here. When I started college some years ago, I still had my watchtower blinders on when going to class but after a while you start putting two and two together. The flood being the big issue. I now view the bible as nothing but jewish mythology. How about this one: Did Noah take the kangaroos back to Australia?

  • carla

    Hitler was sincere in his beliefs too, does that make him ok too? They are false prophets plain and simple. You say you have read the bible? If you are reading their perverted version of course you will not come to a different conclusion. There is no way a person reading the bible alone without ever reading wt literature could ever come to the same beliefs the wt does. Why? because they are not bible based, they are a publishing company masquerading as a religion. They are a cult, research cults and why people say that.

    Research, research and research. They are the most evil ungodly organization I have ever come up against in my life. They give God a bad name. You obviously have not done independent research on the whole UN issue or you would know why people say they are lying. Read some of the wt's old literature and see the many flip flops, the misquoting of authors and scholars, the twisting of scripture. They even once taught a scripture was Jesus then said it was satan, then back to Jesus again. You are trusting your salvation to an org that confuses Jesus and satan?

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    Thata girl, bring down fire and brimstone on this poster's head!

    Seriously, I think keo already admitted to being inactive because of recognizing a lack of knowledge. Admitting that takes courage, humility, honesty, and integrity. Those are important qualities to me, and I admire them in others. Just keep repeating to yourself, "keo isn't my husband. I can't take it out on keo. keo isn't my husband...." etc.

    I know firsthand how frustrating it is to have all these things you want to scream at your spouse and MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND, but transferring that frustration onto poor keo will only scare away another poster.


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    welcome to the happy place

  • JamesThomas

    Welcome, Keo.

    That was a pretty good first post. Glad you joined us.

    Perhaps the Bible is the main reason for all the confusion and animosity. No two people perceive it exactly the same, and so it divides people and motivates much self righteousness and hatred. As you keep examining things and allowing yourself to see -- what perhaps before was too frightening -- you may grow beyond the need of ancient tribal mumblings and deities to find your way.

    I have found that just being present with life and nature, can expose much innate wisdom. Really being with an animal, tree, or just the vibrant sense of existence itself can teach us more about the actuality of divinity than religious beliefs and concepts ever could.


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