Sort of morbid question

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  • unbeliever

    This came to my mind after I read 24k's would you go back thread. Just say when armageddon came Jehovah gave you one last chance to repent of your apostate ways and live for eternity with JW's. Would you take Jehovah up on this offer or ask him to strike you dead? I think I would dig the hole myself. To me that would be like living in hell.

  • IP_SEC

    I've been exercising my middle finger getting ready for that exact situation unbeliever.

  • Dave_T

    I would tell Him: "Strike me. You don't deserve my allegiance." (Good morbid question, Unbeliever)

  • Warlock

    First of all, the earth with 6,000,000 people would be big enough for me to hide from the other 5,999,999.

    All I would need to do is find just 1 female like me and we would hide for the thousand years. The 2 of us could easily hide from the others.

    I would go for it.


  • elliej

    I'm with Warlock on this one. The elders have proven themselves so ineffective, I think that my family could get away with a few eons of hiding before anyone found us. That might be worth it.

  • Twitch

    I with the "giving the bird" crowd.

    For all the children that died because of blood, the abuse in families, the lives that could've been, the pain caused and so much more, "Take your Paradise and shove it". I'm done with the hiding and regret nothing I've done.

    'course, easier said than done. Survival instincts would probably take over,

  • Stealth453

    Not in a million years. The thought of spending eternity with dubs is enough to make me swallow a gallon of bleach.

  • Scully
    The thought of spending eternity with dubs is enough to make me swallow a gallon of bleach.

    I think I'm going to be just the kind of person who would tell Jehovahâ„¢ exactly where he can stick his Paradiseâ„¢ full of JWs.

  • yucca

    God is never going to do that. They are living in a dream world. God is never going to let them rule 1,000 yrs. Such liars , All the hurt they have caused. No way.

  • Gregor

    Now, wait a minute folks. Let's not be hasty. The hypothetical question implies that we are standing before Jah and and while people are being vaporized around us we are given a last chance to change sides. (Let's forget for a moment that this is NOT the scenario expected or preached by the JWs) So it's kind of like the Catholic last rights/absolution thing, nothing to lose. OF COURSE I would say "I'm sorry. I'm going to be a good boy from now on". Then I could look forward to jumping on my lion and riding over to brother "Full time pioneer, never got laid" 's house and saying, "Hey, my brutha' How's it hangin'?. Let's go play on the den of on asp, you dumb asphole!"

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