Arrogance? When will we humans learn we are not the center of everything?

by mavie 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • skeptic2

    It's such a common misconception that evolution is somehow "striving" or "progressing" toward humanity or that humans are somehow the final, ultimate end to the process of evolution.

    Thats a great example, but I thought that one had pretty much been put to bed? Does anyone still say/believe this?

  • Sacchiel

    I don't think one could say that "the majority of stars are approximately 80% less the mass of ours". It would mean that more than 50% of the stars are approximately 80% less the mass of the sun. But we have absolutely no idea how many stars there are in the universe. We are only able to see a very small fraction of the universe even with a sophisticated equipment.

    It is the observable universe which is being discussed, otherwise it would be moot.

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