Stupid Witnesses!

by hamilton_russell 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • hamilton_russell

    I just got a visit from my JDub cousin. Not seen him for a year or so.

    Anyway he's telling me that he's selling his house (his first place bought 2 years ago) as the Society are telling them all that the end is in sight sooner than they think! And he said that he's gonna go part time at work cos he loves the Aux pioneering he did last month!!!

    It drives me mad. He saved hard for the deposit on that house, and he's gonna live back with his parents! All cos the 'Society' say that the end is coming soon.

    He said that there is a new publication out soon too. I'll try and get him to give me a copy when its light my Aga with!


  • carla

    How old is he? How long does he think before the end?

  • hamilton_russell

    He's 32 but is so brain washed by them. They can do no wrong by him.

    I think he thinks it'll be a few months away!


  • garybuss

    One mistake I made in the past was underestimating the gullibility of the Witness people.

  • carla

    I ask about the age because my jw will respond to a story like that as it being 'some old jw who may be a bit off to begin with'. I say no! it's a young person doing this today! Then he asks me to produce the person or let him know who the elders are so he can talk to them. What a weirdo.

  • JH

    If the end is so close, why do elders around here invest money on their homes to make em nicer...and buy nice new cars..

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    JH makes a good point, Hamilton. Ask your cousin why his elders aren't selling THEIR homes; what do they know that he doesn't?

  • juni

    Sounds like they're making a full circle back to pre- 1975.


  • jgnat

    Exept it's pre-1975 without a date. A lot of hype without substance. Such empty promises are going to float away and deflate a whole bunch of people. Will JWD be able to handle the weight of them all? Hamilton_Russell, why don't you offer a bet to your stupid cousin. Ask him on the outside how long this system will last. Offer fifty dollars and get him to do the same. Put them both in a tin/time capsule and promise to meet on the day.

    You know who will get the hundred dollars.

  • blondie
    Ask your cousin why his elders aren't selling THEIR homes; what do they know that he doesn't?

    Good point.

    When the elders would pressure me to pioneer, I would say I would consider it when I saw them pioneering.........silenced them every time.


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