Is Jehovah Satan?

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  • sinis
    No matter who you pray to we still grow old and die.

    Amen, and that is what bothers me the most. Speaking with my ex-jw brother in law the other night I mentioned that doesn't it seem odd that no deity has spoken with man in over 2000 years!!!! He said that it was. So where does that leave mankind?

    The sad thing is that I truely believe in a higher power, I cannot comprehend that the earth and universe just popped into existence. Yet, where is this almighty god? Very selfish if you ask me to leave his creation hanging by the thread. If mankind can feel compassion for his fellow and even lower forms of life, why in the hell can't god get off his ass and do likewise? After all he is omnipotent, right?

    Maybe the whole bible is from Satan and whoever the true god is has just abandoned man... or maybe Satan won the bet and got mankind in return, forever, and god walked away...hmmmmmm

  • sinis

    Here is another theory. This article is saying Satan was gods wife and turned on him. Hmmmmm, a disgruntled mate. Hahahaha

  • VM44

    I found where the given quote is on the web. It is from an interview with Dorothy Leon, author of the book, "Is Jehovah an E.T.?". Here is a picture of the book cover. --VM44

  • sinis

    Yea, thats a little far fetched but the quote does make some sense when you reflect on it.

  • Hellrider

    WoW, I never noticed that thing about Samuel and Chronicles. Here are the passages for those interested:

    2 Samuel 24.1:

    24:1 The Lord’s anger again raged against Israel, and he incited David against them, saying, “Go count Israel and Judah.” 24:2 The king told Joab, the general in command of his army, “Go through all the tribes of Israel from Dan to Beer Sheba and muster the army, so I may know the size of the army.”

    1 Chronicles 21.1:

    21:1 An adversary1 opposed Israel, inciting David to count how many warriors Israel had. 21:2 David told Joab and the leaders of the army, “Go, count the number of warriors from Beer Sheba to Dan. Then bring back a report to me so I may know how many we have

    "Adversary" here doesn`t necessarily meant the Satan, but a Satan. Still, that is not "the Lord" from 2 Samuel...hmmm...

  • Dave_T

    When I was younger I was in charge of my bro's personal bible study (he must have been about 9 years old) and he asked me: "What if Jehovah and Satan are the same person?" I was like "Don't be silly" but I have to admit this question bugged me.

  • xJ-HO
    No matter who you pray to we still grow old and die.

    EXACTLY!! Since the beginning of time, man has worshipped/feared a myriad of gods, demons, spirits etc... While the debate is still contentious, there is one fact that is 100% guaranteed - we grow old, and we die. I think that whole concept of god and an afterlife is just a coping mechanism that we developed over time to deal with this fact, and make it a little more palatable.

  • Stealth453

    In a word.....


  • VM44

    I am trying to recall what I have read here at JWD but it has been awhile so I might have this mixed up somewhat.

    Wasn't it the case during pre-historical times that there were many gods, with Eli being the creator, and Jehovah was a storm god. After quite some time, the belief in many gods moved to a monotheistic belief in a single all powerful, perfect and all good God, Jehovah.

    But before when Jehovah was only a storm god, he both blessed and punished people on earth. To explain the negative actions towards humans later when Jehovah became all powerful and good, the concept of Satan had to be devised to hang all the negative tormenting of humans on.

    I oversimplified greatly, but this is what I recall having been said here. Perhaps someone who knows the history of how the ancient Cannanite ideas of gods became the Jewish concerpt of a monotheistic God could provide some referernces.


  • Rabbit

    Well, I dunno...Satan always seemed to have a much more stable personality than Jehovah, who seems to be tri-polar, psychotic, jealous and extremely violent.

    Jehovah never wants to accept any personal responsibility either. He supposedly created us with "free will" then, promptly punishes Adam & Eve for using it. Then...our perfectly righteous creator punishes ALL of the innocent offspring by damaging their DNA causing all of the disease & suffering among humankind. THEN, he blames Satan and all of us if we don't "come to love him freely"! No pressure !

    Satan, as far as I can see, didn't lie to Adam & Eve...he told them they would not die "in that day" and what was wrong with knowing what was "good & bad"? He wanted worship from Jesus and told him he's "give him all the kingdoms on earth"...he had that power. And, please correct there any record of Satan actually killing anyone ??? We are well aware of the murderous world-wide killing sprees Jehovah have been on and plans for the future.

    Jesus seemed to have a good head on his shoulders when on earth. Nice guy. Now, after spending 2,000 years with his psycho dad, Jah is gonna use the peaceful Jesus to murder 6,000,000,000 humans (very soon).

    So, Satan, Jehovah & maybe Jesus...all the same person ? Could be. How ?

    Multiple Personality Disorder. Shit happens, even to gods I suppose.

    That would make a good movie title, "Gods Gone Bad."


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