has humanity the intelligence to transcend love?

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  • SPAZnik

    It cracks me up that you reframed love as a biological impairment.

    I think it could be a serious impediment to confuse love with lust.

    Take hooked on johnny. It's totally debatable that either is actually in their "right minds". Both appear biologically impaired when you factor in drug addiction, gambling with your life (aids et al), sex addiction. I don't think there is a clear case for one taking advantage of the other. They'z both f$cked, for reasons that go far beyond solely blaming one or the other for this transaction.

    Take richie's gold digger. If love = biological impairment, then it's arguable that she is as biologically impaired by her "love" for his money as he is by his "love" for her ovaries. So who's taking advantage of whom? And what about that accountability thing I mentioned. Did he win the lottery, like, yesterday, or does he have enough savvy (or even love for himself) to protect himself without having to be jaded about women and love.

    As for horndog's luvmuffin. Again with the shared accountability. Does she love herself enough to protect herself from someone like this? Both of them could stand some growing up. Which will inevitably happen. (It takes two to tango? Only horndog and luvmuffin know to what lengths they've gone to delude themselves or each other.)

    (I think I'll get that tattood on my ass. LOL)

    It's far more powerful and enduring than you or I.

    I think the only way to "transcend" love (not lust) is to give in to it.

    I always pay a high price when I avoid/evade/elude it.

    Don't you?

    So far, my love has proven stronger than anyone that "takes advantage of" me though.

    I recommend a breather from the hooker/john, richguy/golddigger, horndog/lovemuffin relationships before you paint all humanity with those three brushes. :)

  • SPAZnik

    Kristofer and daystar

    I think you both make valid points.
    Love is a noun and a verb.
    The dictionary sez so. :D


  • SPAZnik

    Here's a one word summary of transcending love:


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