SOoooo many are leaving the forum.

by AK - Jeff 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Time passes by and the newbie of today becomes the old fart of tomorrow

    Well stated LT.


  • calico

    I'm still here! I like to read more than post.

    jgnat said.........

    I average 6.66.
    Ha! Ha!
  • avengers
    Then go. But stop in once in a while and shake our apostate hands and share a digital drink with us.

    We'll do.


  • GermanXJW

    Does this mean you are leaving, Andy?

  • Simon

    I've always said that leaving and becoming Ex-Ex-JWs is what we should do.

    Some will stay around longer than others and if it's the help other people then that is a good and healthy thing.

    When people just replace Ex-JW-ism for JW-ism though and substitute one community for another it can cause problems. I see this when people treat forum issues as almost life or death personal attacks. Heck, "it's only a forum post"!!

    I think it's particularly sad when people who were kicked out of the org even 20+ years ago are still frequenting online forums with purley personal interest (ie. not there to help others but to 'belong' to a community). When they put so much effort into trying to win friends and adulation and be popular within a particularly small and specific community then I wonder how much 'growth' they imagine they have really made.

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