SOoooo many are leaving the forum.

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  • GermanXJW

    The sad thing is: if me meet those posters in another environment we would not recognize them. Those who are leaving are really gone for us forever (in most cases).

  • jgnat

    I think I've only exceeded 25 posts a day ONCE. I average 6.66.

    I stopped needing JWD after about six months. At that time I went through a Crisis of Purpose, and then chose to stay on to help. In a few days, I will hit my 10,000 post.

    There may come a time where my presence hinders growth. For instance, if new "wise ones" hold back their advice because "jgnat will be here soon to straighten them out. Besides, her advice is bestest anyhow" I won't be around forever. Budding empathetics need to test out their helps, and not depend on the oldies. I'm a big believer in dynamic, flowing organizational structures. To achieve that, there has to be an atmosphere of inclusiveness, a steady flow of newcomers, and a regular leaving of old-timers. I hope this board is thriving and DIFFERENT a year from now. I hope there will be so many new faces, that visiting old-timers will have trouble keeping up.

  • daniel-p

    We all have to move on in our own way - the fact of the matter is, the Internet is not real life. We trick ourselves into living an Internet life while all the really important events in our life pass us by. How many times have I spent an evening chatting online with people than interacting in the flesh with my family and friends? I'm glad people come and go like they do. It reminds me that there is a real life out there, and while this forum and forums like it have their purpose, it is best if at some point we leave it behind and move on.

  • greendawn

    We don't have to leave it behind we can always post a little every now and then without becoming addicted to it. On line communities have their value though not as good as the real life ones.

  • poodlehead

    For me I go through stages where I check in. I glance at things that I think will interest me. But I am carful in what I post on. I find that a lot of people are terribly negative about religion, and so am I. But I would like to heal and get over it. I am in a relationship and have children and would like to have a church home someday. I find when I read on here it gets me all torn apart again and I become very negitive. What was done is done and I want to move on and try to forget. Which so many of you know is a terribly hard thing to do. I know the one thing I hated about witnesses is there lack of Love. I don't want to be just like them and hate them. I want to overcome and let it go. Notice I didn't say forgive. That word is to hard for me to say in dealing with what I went through. But it would be nice if that were to happen.

    So don't be surprises if you see me coming and going. Just assume I am healing.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I'm an 'outsider' - am not, never was, never will be a JW, etc.

    I have learned an awful lot from the board, although I realise that my knowledge and understanding can only be 'one step removed'.

    I have encountered some really great people here and received some wonderful support when I needed it (even though it was entirly unconnected with JW stuff).

    I agree, of course, that the 'internet community' is not a substitute for real-life family and friends (though having had 'real-life' phone conversation with some lovely posters, and with the opportunity to meet-up with some, I hope, the line is not hard and fast) but sometimes it is easier to share feelings, hurts, hopes and dreams with 'friends' on-line than it is in real life. I find it so, anyway.

  • blondie

    Actually, I find that people cut back on their posting or lurk but rarely completely go away. Too much info on here that clues them into what JW family and "friends" are doing. I notice that even some who post they are leaving come back and post again though not as often.


  • Arthur

    As one of the youngest members of this board, I can say that so far, it is a growing experience for me. This is because in a forum like this, I must always be willing to take criticism when expressing views and opinions. It teaches me not to take myself so damn seriously. I also better make sure that I have my facts straight, or else someone will definitely let me know that I am in the wrong. I think that this board (with so many differing points of view and personalities) provides one with the perfect opportunity to sort out their thoughts, beliefs, and also to have the great experience of encouraging others who have gone through (and continue to) the trials that I have. At this point, I definitely plan on sticking around for awhile.

  • ozziepost


    Good on ya, mate!

  • LittleToe

    There doesn't seem to have been all that many leave recently, and it tends to work in cycles anyhow. Quite a few are busy with life, and may have cut back their posting, but others have replaced them/us.

    Everyone is a newbie at some point. Five years ago I wasn't even posting. Four years ago I hadn't really posted a lot. Time passes by and the newbie of today becomes the old fart of tomorrow

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