Multitrack audio recording in the basement

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  • tijkmo

    i dont have a basement...i used to have all my equip in my spare room but having moved last week i no longer have a spare it is all in the living room now...i have a boss br 1600 digital 16 track recorder..i have protools mbox2 factory plus loads of plug-ins..and i have reason..and a roland juno-d keyboard, cort electric guitar, and yamaha elec/acoustic..i can play and record nothing expertly. and i get frustrated at my inability to reproduce the sound in my head for the songs i write.

    i have just passed my hnc music performance course at james watt college greenock scotland (ian brown is the most famous patron) and next year i start a sound engineering course..i also just did the protools 101 course but have still to take the that i have moved my goal is to become more adept at using reason and protools..

    my preference would still be to go into a studio with expert musicians and engineers and tell them how i want to sound and let them accomplish that..

    if you wish to hear my efforts then go to or .

    the best recorded song i have done is not on either of these sites because i am about to start sounding out record co/radio stations/publishers etc but i will send it to whoever would like to hear..just pm me with your email addy...and can i hear some of your stuff please

  • Twitch


    Patience, bro. If it's in your head, the fingers will find the way.

    BTW, my earliest solo recordings were with live instruments and a 8 track reel recorder. Drums, guitar, keys and bass of course, none of it particularly good (cept the bass, ;-) but i'll never forget how satisfying it was.

    Years later when i have a computer and Cakewalk Apprentice (lol) I got into MIDI and sequencing what was in my head. Tedious as i don't play keys but i could slow the tempo down to do certain parts and "cheat". The General MIDI samples are so cheesy but I had an SB Awe32 card and loaded up soundfonts. Oh the hours slipped away,....

  • Twitch
    just pm me with your email addy...and can i hear some of your stuff please

    sure, i'd like to hear your stuff. PM me a site if it's posted or,... do u have msn messenger? if so, i can stream some track over for a listen, but quality may suffer. Even though i might be running redbook audio here, bandwidth may take a hit over the net

    Or I'll find somewhere to upload mp3 but i'll have to look into it.

  • Terry

    I have a home recording studio also, but, it is stripped down to basics. I use Cakewalk and connect it to a Alesis Quadrasynth Piano-Plus. I do 16 track recordings. I go "line in" to my hardrive and use a wave program to diddle the acoustics and then convert to MP3 files.

  • Taythan

    Having neither band nor sophisticated equipment I hack out tracks with my voice and an acoustic using nothing more than TDK's digital mixmaster. I would like to know more about recording music as my primary focus has always been as a songwriter first. This thread attracted me because I had no idea there were so many people out there with such an interest in recording music.

  • Twitch


    I ask tijkmo for a link when it's there hiding out in the open,..... I'll check it out

    Though I've never worked in a professional studio, I've been in a few and been through the recording process with yer typical rock band a few times. Picked up a few tricks along the way. I've worked in the audio visual staging industry for 15 years and know a few things bout audio, technical theory and other such related stuff.

    If you got a burning question bout all those wires and connectors or something PC related, ask away. I'll try to help

  • deeskis

    I've got a couple of bands on the go with my husband and some friends.

    Weve done some demo tracks with a little zoom effects palm studio. it's only 3 track, but you can bounce down when happy with what you've got and add more. just for fun, but it's a feel good!

    "music makes the world go round!"

  • MadTiger

    Just bumping since I added more to the quick demos. September 1st is a big roll-out on myspace, etc. I'm Bogarting my way in!!!

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