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  • zeroday

    IF the Watchtowers involvement in the UN was an honorable cause and they were duped into joining as they claim, why doesn't the rank and file know about it. I mean, couldn't the Watchtower have published all the details for all to consider.

    Firehawk at "PROFINDSEARCH" seems to think they were duped into joining. Come now FIREHAWK join us and convince us...... You know where we are.................

  • MidwichCuckoo

    To the few R&F I've mentioned this to, their responses have been automatic defence of the WTBTS, even though they have no knowledge of it.

    I recall reading, (and I hope someone can reproduce the links), two contradicting letters from the Society in answer to queries about this.

  • Stealth453

    I recall the same letters, and I believe they are somewhere on Danny Haszard's site. PM him, and see if he can provide the links.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I was a "good dub" at the time the connection was revealed, and, like all good dubs, I believed what the reasons the wts gave for both joining and subsequently resigning. Anyone who questioned anything was disciplined, and a couple of people were df'd for asking too much.

  • IP_SEC

    The WTS claims that one of the reasons for public reproof is so the congregation's spirit is not troubled since they know the problem has been handled. Ciro at least should have been publicly reproved. A blurb in the WT or KM would have been nice. After all they are just imperfect men right? By not even acknowledging they have troubled the spirit of many a congregation.

  • carla

    I had the whole UN conversation with my jw. I think because he is relatively new he doesn't understand the implications. He doesn't have a problem with the history of the wt, new light of course. I brought it up to a ms (couple years ago) and he thought the society must have a good reason. It didn't seem to bother him at all. He felt that it wasn't important to know everything that goes on in Brooklyn, he trusts them.

  • sspo

    When all JW's truly beleive they are used by Jehovah then of course they can do no wrong.

    There must be a good reason for joining the UN, JEHOVAH DOES NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES

  • Quandry

    How were they duped into providing material to prove to the U.N. that they agreed with their goals and were a large enough organization with worldwide readership and influence to promote those goals to their adherents? They had to agree to do this I believe yearly in order to retain N.G.O. status. I think maybe it's a defense mechanism to quickly uphold whatever the society has done but in the dark of night, with time to think, I'm sure it is disturbing. I felt the same uneasiness upon the announcements about the generation. It did not sit well with me, but I wanted to trust.

    Your questions are quite reasonable. If there was no wrongdoing, why not announce to everyone what happened? Do they consider their adherents too stupid to reason and so must keep them in the dark? Why reprove people for asking questions about something that is true? The whole thing stinks--it is absurd--it is reprehensible. It is idiotic to think that they were duped. Why didn't they pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit before joining? Or did they?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I'm sure I've already said this on here, but, the ''excuse'' I was given was that 'it wasn't the Society that joined, it was - ''A member of Bethel who joined for PERSONAL reasons/study UNBEKNOWST to the Society''.

  • Quandry

    I read the article in the Awake mag that was discussing the "exciting things going on in the U.N." It said that you should ask the ones who left the magazine with you to explain. The mag was currying the favor of the U.N. It was highlighting its accomplishments. It was totally misleading. Anyone reading the article would think that the Society was praising the United Nations to the hilt!! I forget The date of the article. Someone like Blondie could provide that, I would think.

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