OMG I'm one of Satan's spears...

by TresHappy 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • SirNose586

    How judgmental of them! Really, they should know better. Because as we know, we are doing the separating of sheep and goats we are supposed to be pleasant when we go to the doors.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    The last time I thought JW were knocking at my door I answered with my shot gun in hand, turns out it was a Real Estate Agent, giving me one of those little notepads that they drop off, I told her thank you, I didn't say anything about my shotgun, she turned and left in a hurry.

  • carla

    They didn't run from one of satan's spears? They just stood there waiting for a 'what not to wear' comment?

  • Twitch

    LOL, good one
    I had a couple of older dub women call on me a couple times a few months back. They didn't know who i was and i didn't let on that i was born and bred dub. It was the first time I actually talked to someone in service instead of ignoring them and I rather enjoyed playing the part of the "worldly householder". I let them pitch and we talked for awhile. Playing devil's advocate (no pun intended) and countering their statements was kinda fun actually. I am a return visit and the last time round, they asked if it was ok if they brought a couple brothers to answer some of my questions. I said sure, (bring out the big dub guns). Should be interesting,...lmao

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