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  • parakeet

    ***Why don't they exist?***

    WTS doesn't get any profit from them.

  • Forscher

    I think that Kingdom Halls as investment property is the key reason.
    Most Kingdom Halls are not permanent houses for their congregations in my experience. Almost every Congregation I've been in has sold it's old Kingdom Hall and built new in about twenty years or so. In one case it was because they were embarrassed by their inability to fill an auditorium built to hold around 300 people (at one time they'd had over 200 regularly at the public talk with the place filled to capacity for CO visits and the memorial, but an alpha elder took over and ran the congregation into the ground). Though, they certainly didn't admit to the cogo the real reasons they wanted to build new.
    That temporary nature of those often cheaply built Halls certainly makes a cemetary out of the question.

  • IP_SEC

    Umm all these are valid points ya, but there are tons of churches w/o cemetaries. Isnt it kinda rare to see a church/chapel cemetary today?

  • garybuss

    Here they throw up a Kingdom Hall in one day. It stands as proof that most time in construction is spent on framing and installing windows.
    Here the lumber for the building and the moving truck for the elder moving into the attached parsonage arrived at the same time. By the time the moving truck was unloaded, the Hall and the parsonage both were done. They all forgot to paint the front door on the parsonage and the door stayed unpainted for months. I'll have to look next time I drive my and see if it's even painted today.
    It takes them longer to mow the lawn and clean the toilets than it did to build the building.

  • headmath

    At least the remnant are supposed to be transformed straight away, so they leave no body behind.

    Jesus did not leave his body behind did he?

  • Warlock

    Haven't you heard? "Millions Now Living Will Never Die".


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