I am New and I Am Being Discriminated At Work For NOT BEING A Catholic

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  • Zelaira

    and also Catholics and Lutherans who Hate on JWS are Harrasssing because they are BLINDSIDED and I am SICK of IT .... Why do Witnesses have such Hate Poured on them by Catholics and Lutheran Groups? Also, how do you deal with Not Celebrating Holidays? Is it Wrong to wear Crosses or can it be a Gothic thing that a witness can possibly understand? I mean Janet Jackson wears them and well several witnesses are far from being a bit PROMISCUOUS... I mean if ya LOVE Jehovah God Can't U B a FREE SPIRIT? I mean isn't it about TRYING to be YOUR BEST and LOVING ? I don't Think one must be PERFECT RIGHT? I think it's about SPIRIT and Your Love of GOD Jehovah and Christ Jesus right? I mean can you Really Hate Gays who are ya Friends or your Hairdressers? I personally don't at all. Talk 2 ME....

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hi Zelaira,

    When you say you're "new", do you mean newly baptized? Or you're new to JW's altogether?

    As a group, they are pretty plain-jane. Variety isn't exactly looked upon favorably, conformity is more the order of the day. I once heard a circuit overseer say, "Jehovah's people shouldn't be the first to adopt a new look, or the last."

    I don't think a "free spirit" would last long as a JW. I think that says more about JW's than it does about "free spirit"'s.

    Welcome to JWD!


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre


    JW, I think believe that the symbol of the cross is a pagan symbol, you would be in an elders meeting so fast if they caught you wearing one, BELIEVE ME, I don't know why the Catholics would be "hating on you" Although the way JW distance themselves from the rest of their peers makes it suspisious, for example, a JW would say that they are Worldly (like my name) meaning that anyone who isn't a JW is "of this world" so that means that you being a JW are not part of "this" world, I can only imagine if any group who doesn't include "you" as part of their world you would maybe be offended, Many people have JW family and have suffered through problems, such as holidays, barriers, and rude behavior such as not entering a church. I am not excusing a fellow Catholic for not showing you love as Jesus taught us, but the stigma that is associated with JW may scare them.

    Hope I've been of some help

    Andre (+) a cross for you

  • anewme

    Im sorry, I am not following your point too well.

    You are being discriminated at work and you are wondering why.
    Well, for one thing, the JWs have a reputation for going door to door and saying things like "they are gods only true organization"
    That gets other groups kind of mad cause it infers they are wrong and are of the Devil.

    You must be new to the JWs because you wonder if they will accept free love among their group. By free love do you mean promiscuity or agape love for the people in the world?
    The JWs tolerate no promiscuity and as for love for the people in the world, contact with them is pretty much limited to the preaching work.

    As for not participating in the holidays, well nobody likes a party pooper.

    But welcome!!

  • parakeet

    ***Why do Witnesses have such Hate Poured on them by Catholics and Lutheran Groups?***
    When I was a JW, I don't remember hate being "poured" on me by any other religion.
    Most other religions are far more tolerant of JWs than JWs are of them. JWs don't rant against religion like they used to (remember "Religion is a snare and a racket"?), but they still promote their belief that they alone will survive Armageddon while the other 99% of the world's population will be annilhilated. That might make a few Catholics and Lutherans a bit testy, don't you think?

  • riverofdeceit

    Exactly what do you mean by being discriminated [against]? Are you even one of the Jehovah's Witnesses, because the questions you ask make it sound like you know nothing about them? And no, you cannot be a "free spirit" if you are a Jehovah's Witness (at least, you won't be one for long). Being a Jehovah's Witness has very little to do with love for "God" and is more about following the rules set by the Watchtower Society. As with most groups that claim they are Christian, homosexuality is condemned. Oh, they will try the line "love the sinner hate the sin" thing, but really, is it possible to love a gay person and hate their gayness? Not in my opinion.(sorry bout the gayness term there, but it helps make my point, sort of.)

  • IP_SEC
    I wish he was SINGLE and a Playboy Forever as I wanna Shag him Wild and I'm Not into ADULTERY

    A quote from Zelaria in ref to Prince on another thread. Something dont smell too good in Denmark

  • smellsgood

    "I mean can you Really Hate Gays who are ya Friends or your Hairdressers?"

    Maybe if they give you a haircut that is so crunky you would have been better off giving a rowdy group of toddlers dull scissors and mountain dew before turning them loose on it. That would be ample justification to hate anyone I should think.
    Let's be real. A bad haircut is like death.


  • ColdRedRain

    Boo fucking hoo. You're being discriminated against. But at the same time, you probably shun people for not fitting the JW party line when it comes to dress and grooming. If you saw a Witness wearing a beard at the meeting, you probably wouldn't call him a "true Witness".

    I have no empathy for your pathos, nor any other Witness' pathos for being discriminated against because they're one of the most discriminatory group in the world.

  • kid-A

    Are the trolls getting even dumber? This one posts with 2 IDs from the same IP address, on the same thread!!! LOL


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    By the way...I Love him forever since I was 12 and well.... I think him the Coolest.... I Totally RESPECT him. I just feel he CONFUSES EVERYONE cause he is still VERY SEXUAL and all and well WHAT does he EXPECT his fans to do? I mean he's very EROTIC and HOT and We still Want to Jump on him... I think 48 isn't old and if he thinks so then he IS OLD... I mean MICK JAGGER is WAYYY into his 60's and he Moves. If it's a Problem with HIPs then I UNDERSTAND, but 48 is NOT OLD.. Ya can DANCe and Have Wild Times... I mean ya BRAIN ACTING OLD in it's thinking if ya STIFFLING STUFF. Ya can be OLDER and SKINNIER.. BULLCRAP ya get FAT.. WORK OUT and EAT LESS. EVERYONE can B as they were as Younger it is BULLCRAP to COUNT NUMBERS. GEt BOTOX and Take PILLS and VITAMINS.... NO EXCUSE but LAZY ASS... I SWEAR..... HE BEST get his BUTTOCKS TONED and show some CHEST and GET DANCING in MIAMI and I will TRAVEL to VEGAS if he MAKES ME and FEEDS me PIZZA BURGERS and STOPS LAUGHING that I'm a F---UP KID In LOVE with HIM!!!! HELL. YES.... U FOOL... I LOVE U and U KNOW I COULd ROCK U into 19 again.... I Wanna... I Wanna Make U alll YOUNG... All FIREY....I wanna ROCK YA.... I LOVE Ya and I AIn'T LEAVIN Ya.. I Am Watchin Ya ACT FOREVER DADDY POP... Ya SQUUEZE MACHINE... I Get all Raw With Ya Thoughts... I Dig on Ya ... PEACE BEAUTIFUL MAN of the GORGEOUS FACE and TALENTED DUDE of GUITAR.... I tell ya that Ya make me SCREAM ya WILD Beautiful GUITAR DUDE..... I wanna have ya Bite me on m Neck like a VAMPIRE.... I Love Ya to b My Vampire LOUIS or ARMAND and Take me into the Vampire Fantasy with you on PIANO....I wanna have you Compose to me as ARMAND or Louis and I just CROON... I JUST INHALE your COLORFUL MUSIC..Your SCENT....Please allow me to Inspire.. I am Totally Happy and Dreaming Of U Prince.... I Dream Of U... Let Me Inspire....Your Fun........ Make it all SEXY and DARK.......Kisses My AMOUR.... Kisses forever your fan....
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    TommiRe: Is Prince Still a Jehova's Witness?
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    The JW's recently had a convention of their congregation in the Twin Cities where Manuella was seen sitting throughout the session without Prince. At the recent Bet Awards there were some singers and dancers that you'd never see at a JW's convention . Makes me wonder.

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