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  • poppers

    It's like damselfy said, it's pretty common. My brother is a chiropracter and he sees this with just about everyone he examines. In fact it's the first thing he checks when giving an exam, and through a series of adjustments it can be fixed.
    The worry it has caused is more damaging because it isn't so easily altered, and that is what interferes with daily activity. You are in a feedback loop of worrisome thoughts that runs seemingly on its own. You have made an association between a random event and a vivid memory and came to your own conclusion. I've never been a JW, but I bet this is the sort of thing that they relish and take advantage of in others.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Helmus, and welcome to the forum.

    As othere have said, there is nothing unusual about haveing one leg slightly shorter than the other. My boyfriend's left leg is very slightly longer than his right one. He's been aware of it most of his life, but it doesn't bother him.

  • Helmus

    I've just read all the newest responses by you guys and I feel better. Why? well some of you say that you have a boyfriend that has a longer leg and they adjust to it just fine or that you know of a chiropracter that see's these anomalies all the time!!! At least I feel as if I'm not they only one with a seeming imperfection. I feel better this morning about it and I trully appreciate the feedback!!!! I guess I have mixed up certain events with unrelated issues?! Thanks once again for the POSITIVE feedback. Helmus.

  • serotonin_wraith

    If it was God's punishment for leaving his organization, everyone here would be walking with a limp. Hell, my leg would probably drop off.

  • anewme

    Dear Helmus, welcome to the forum sweetie.
    I liked your intro and feel very concerned about your leg condition.
    I personally would not feel comfortable until I got some expert opinion about it.
    Seeing a chiropractor would be in order. Hip nerves can get pinched. Blood flow can get reduced that sort of thing.

    Get professional advice from a chiropractor and maybe an acupuncturist.

    Best wishes,


  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Welcome, Helmus.

    Due to an injury a few years ago, I broke a bone (purposely being obscure about which one for the purpose of anonymity), and as a result I sat a certain way at work (desk job) to alleviate the pain. After a year of doing this the bone was healed but the pain was incredible. Eventually I went to the doctor, they did x-rays, then an MRI, and then sent me to physical therapy. My body had overcompensated for the crooked way I was holding my body every day all day and the result was that my body was incredibly crooked (I'm explaining this poorly but bear with me, there is a point). One leg was significantly longer than the other because my hips were crooked. After a few months of weekly physical therapy, my legs were even again, the pain was gone, my hips were even ...

    My point is that perhaps you pulled something, and that resulted in your body overcompensating to alleviate the pain and now your bones are crooked and one leg extends longer than the other one. It might sound silly or a long shot, but my physical therapist (who explained it much better than I have here) said this is a fairly common thing to happen. So I would definitely reccommend going to the doctor.

    I skimmed through other posts but didn't read them all so this may have already been suggested. Best of luck, don't worry that you are being punished, that's just your irrational mind getting the best of you (I say this as the queen of irrational thinking). Some counseling may be in store as well (I am seeing a therapist and it is generally a very good thing).

    Take good care, and again, welcome.

    Good Girl/Bad Girl

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