Do Kingdom Halls ever do the following?

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  • Hoping4Change

    Thanks for all the responses! I dont need their library; I have Freeminds, ebay, this site and reexaminer for all the stuff I would ever need.

  • garybuss

    I've never seen anyone asked to leave a meeting or convention BUT I've seen MANY made to KNOW they are not welcome by the way they are treated (or not treated). I fell into that not welcome category. It's surprises me to see how many unappreciated wannabees continue to associate in spite of the clear messages being sent by the Witnesses that they are not valued and not good enough for personal association.
    The Witnesses (SDOs) got so used to disrespecting me that they told me about the good times they had at social things they had that I was not invited to. One time I was invited to a party . . . and driving over there I was thinking . . . what the heck? When I got there they said where's your guitar? I said nobody told me to bring it. They drove me home to get the guitar to be sure I'd come back. Turns out it was a dance and I was the band. I did the gig but it didn't go over good.
    I was invited to some parties within a very narrow group and those were almost jam sessions with an audience. The upper crust SDO's never attended. Hell, they probably never got invited.
    There was a lot of animosity and resentments between the Witness people. The group was too small and it was inbred and actually closed, a cast system. It made for almost no growth allowed because newcomers were not welcomed. The exception was IF THEY HAD MONEY. It's easy to BUY Witness friends.
    I was disrespected so much and so often by the SDO people that it was impossible for me to be around them.
    The SDO group is a pyramid marketing system where the product is exchanged for money and the members are encumbered to buy the product. The members can advance in the group by either selling product or recruiting new members. Recruiting is mostly done on a social level and punishments for rule infractions, like asking questions, are also delivered on a personal social level.

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