Was it REALLY a Bible Study?

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  • troubled mind
  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    No more Truth book , No more Live Forever book , In fact when they changed over to the Knowledge book we were to do it asap even if you were not finished with the Live Forever book . My student at the time thought that was totally stupid. She was a school teacher and figured you finish what you start . I agreed with her .

  • SirNose586

    Wondering why we had to do the hokey-pokey dance with books got me wondering what was up with the "Truth." I wondered why we had to switch from the Knowledge book to the What Does the Bible Really Teach? book, right away.

  • Severus

    Typical JW "Bible Study":

    Student: So, what does the Bible really teach?

    JW: Hell if I know, just read paragragh two please, and I'll read the questions.

  • blondie

    hokey pokey?

    Second time today I saw that phrase.

    There are many theories and conjectures about the meaning of the words "Hokey Pokey", and of their origin. Some scholars attribute the origin to the Shaker song Hinkum-Booby which had similar lyrics and was published in Edward Deming's A gift to be simple in 1940:

    I put my right hand in,
    I put my right hand out,
    I give my right hand a shake,
    And I turn it all about.

    Other scholars have found similar dances and lyrics dating back to the 17th century. A very similar dance is cited in Robert Chamber's Popular Rhymes from 1826. The Oxford English Dictionary says that "hokey cokey" comes from "hocus pocus", the traditional magicians' incantation derived from Puritan mocking of the Latin Mass: during the consecration of the Eucharistic wine and Host, Roman Catholic priests stand with their backs to the congregation and say the magic words, "Hoc est enim corpus meum" (This is my body). It seems probable that this is also the origin of the phrase "hanky panky" and the word "hoax".

    Sounds very non-JW...........Why do I remember doing this dance a JW weddings?

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  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Sounds very non-JW...........Why do I remember doing this dance a JW weddings?

    I remember the hokey pokey at wedding dances also. And then you had to research the hokey pokey origins and it turns out that the origins are sacreligious...now somebody at HQ who monitors these types of sites in order to protect the flock will read your post and they will inform the gb who will madate that there be special talks and articles about the evil hokey pokey dance and people doing it at wedding receptions will end up in jc's and people who used to hokey pokey will deny it ever happened...my God, what have you done?

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