Oliver Stone's New Film: World Trade Center

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  • sammielee24

    I haven't seen the movie - when it comes out on DVD I will. I did hear that Stone didn't actually put who the attackers (terrorists) were in the movie. Is this true? I've read some angry letters from people who saw the movie and they were really ticked off because they said that Stones intent at leaving out this information was in some way supporting the conspiracy theories. sammieswife.

  • pratt1

    I saw the movie and for the most part I enjoyed it.

    I was apprehensive at first since I was at the WTC at the time of the attack, I wasn't sure how I would react.

    I handled okay, but I did have the same physical effects that I experienced that day, like an accerated heart beat and sweating a lot.

    As for Nic Cage's accent, as a native NYer it didn't offend me, NY is such a melting pot of different cultures and people, I'm not sure if there is an "authentic NY accent" anymore.

    I don't remember if Oliver Stone, ever identified who was responsible for the attack, but keep in mind, most of the movie was an reinactment of the events of that day for those firemen and those at the site. Most of us that were there did not know the full story of what happened or who was responsible until later in the day or the next day.

    We did not have access to radio, TV or our family and friends, so those of you who saw the events on TV, knew more than those of us at the site.

    I didn't get the full story until the next day.

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