Oliver Stone's New Film: World Trade Center

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  • Arthur

    Tonight, I got to attend a Sneak Preview of the movie World Trade Center. I thought that it was an excellent movie. I highly recommend that everyone go see it.

    Oliver Stone did an excellent job directing this film, which was based on the true story of New York City Port Authority cop John McLoughlin (played by Nicolas Cage). The movie focussed on several NYPD officers who raced into the WTC to rescue people; only to get trapped themselves. This film shows the hell that the cops and firefighters went through. The film also has a strong spiritual element as it shows how a guy who was an ex-Marine was in church praying when he was moved to go join the rescue operations against the advice of others. This guy later became a key figure in the rescue operation involving McLoughlin.

    I think that it's actually a great movie for the whole family to go see together (although it's probably not appropriate for small children). The movie highlights how the families of those cops and firefighters were affected, as well as how they pulled together to help each other. I have to admit that like most typical guys, I don't get teary-eyed for movies. But this movie was different. By the end of the movie, I was in tears, as were many other men that I saw after the movie. I think that it's definitely one of Oliver Stone's best films. Here's a link for the movie's website:


  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    didnt know it existed, thanks

  • simplesally

    I want to see this!

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Curious how Nick Cage did in his role. In the previews it seemed like he was doing a bad job at pulling off a New York accent. Didn't know if I could take a whole movie like that.


    I saw the trailer for this Tuesday night on TV, and I think I may want to see this.

    Arthur, did Stone sensationalize this in any manner? How did it measure up to United 93, as far as respect for the victims?

  • Arthur

    Yes, Nicolas Cage didn't handle the NY accent very well. It seemed as though he was trying to fake the accent much harder in certain lines than in others. But overall, I thought he did a good job.

    Arthur, did Stone sensationalize this in any manner? ; How did it measure up to United 93, as far as respect for the victims?

    I'm not sure what you mean by sensationalize it. I did think that Stone did a really good job in highlighting the individuals who were involved. It definitely did just as good of a job in paying honor to the victims as United 93, maybe even better.

  • MegaDude

    Thanks for the review. I love films and wasn't sure about this one. I thought "United 93" was superb.

  • sandy

    I think OS did sensationalize the people too much. I was surfing the web the night I saw the movie and I didn't find anything to give claim to the cop shooting himself. If somebody has proof otherwise please share.

  • Arthur

    It is my understanding that all of the movie events that showed the officers while they were trapped under the rubble was based upon the testimony of John McLaughlin and Will Jimeno. I don't think that Jimeno and McLaughlin would have endorsed the movie if this false portrayal of one of their fellow cops was thrown into the film for sensational purposes.

  • sandy

    Well the cop really was there and did try and save the others but he did not kill himself. He was killed by something crushing him. The shooting hismself in the head was fiction. At least I am pretty sure it was.

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