A decision of life and death in your hands.........................

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  • rebel8
    would YOU shoot them

    Completely hypothetically of course......

    It would be just to shoot Rutherford and Russell, but afterwards to do something to completely discredit them........such as dressing them in women's lingerie, putting a cigarette in their hand, and leave a suicide note explaining in detail how they purposely/knowingly duped thousands of people and fully admitting all the atrocities and false teachings they were responsible for.....with a copy sent to the New York Times and all the major media....ensuring somehow that the note would be authenticated and believed.....(using my superhero powers of course).

    Hitler....that's a no-brainer. Anything that would weaken the Nazi regime is worthwhile IMO.

  • Uzzah

    Last year I had the very unique privilege of meeting Gen. Romeo D'allaire. He was in charge of the Canadian forces in Rwanda. He wrote a book "Shaking Hands with the Devil" in which he described this exact scenario.

    Weekly he sat iin meetings with the dictator responsible for killing over 400,000 people and knew of his plans to kill another 400,000. Each meeting he was faced the dilemna that he had the power to stop the killing. He stopped wearing his side arm to the meeting to remove the temptation.

    In my conversation, his face went blank, his gaze distant. He commented softly, "one bullet, that's all it would have taken, just one bullet." He had a breakdown upon his return to Canada. He still feels it would have been wrong to take the life in his role as a representative of Canada. It would have been a declaration of war. He did state however that if he were not there in an official capacity and proverbially just stumbled across the opportunity, his decision would likely have been different. But he couldn't help but feel responsible for the 800,000 people that did in fact die at the hands of that corrupt leader.

    I hope I never have to deal with that kind of decision.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Line em up I got plenty of Ammo, who else you got?

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I don't really think that Goebbles, Himmler und Hess would have been what they were without Hitler, I think they all fed off each other but, if it did lead to war, I don't think WWII would have lasted so long, Hitler was nuts to think he could survive an Eastern front before finishing the Western front, I think if he listened to his Generals the war may haved ended early. We will never know.

  • beautifulisfree

    Now first off I do not believe in murder. Yet, If I had to shoot someone that I knew would hurt and kill millions and if I had the chance I would. If I knew that my child was going to be molested or murdered someday...but had the chance to stop it from ever happening I have to say that I would. Why do evil people deserve to live? I know some may think that Russel and Rutherford were not as evil as Hitler. I think they were... they just didn't have as much power or a such a prominent position, they didn't have thousands of men at there beck and call armed with weapons. P.S. That's just my humble opinion.

  • Borgia

    You´re talkin 1939. Right before Poland was under attack.

    It would not have stopped the WWII. Germans and Russians back then were in bed together big time and the west did not have any other means than big words. However, it may have had a total different outcome. Hitler was solely responsible for loosing 1.000.000,= fighters and all the material that goes with it at Stalingrad. Why? he was aiming at a political victory instead of a military. By doing so, he weakened the military capability. Right after Stalingrad, the Germans and the Russians have fought the biggest tank battle in history. Obviously, Germans lost and could never recuperate from it.

    Therefore, without his influence, the was outcome may have had a devastating effect. Just imagine the Russian army way back in Irkoets, the Krim in German hands (OIL), the military rescources thrown at the UK desert army from behind. It would have meant a Eurasian stronghold wich was hard to penetrate from the UK Island. By then, the US may have thought it better to consider not to embark on a second front.

    Given the time the Germans needed to develop The Bomb, jetfighters, rockets and the like, I am alomst inclined to say, let´s be glad he had the chance to fuck up his options. But at the other hand, it may have evoked a German civil war as well. And history has taught us there´s nothing more destructive than a civil was. The wounds won´t heal.

    So, what in its place is more preferable? Twisting the issue even more, would you rather have a short war with say 10 million dead instead of a longer war wich may deprive 50 million people of their rightfull life? Where does that leave one with moral affiliations like we seem to have? Is there, eventually merit in the goal santifying the means?

    About Sober Joe, no, he isn´t worth a bullet. Give him a house with enough booze to permit him to enjoy a permant state of detachment to our more earthlier necesities and it would have done the job just fine with eventually the same outcome. Selfdestruction guaranteed.

    To take and give live and death is a descretion we all take with us every day. To me, it seems to be a matter of defining where loyalties and responsibilities lie. There is good, there is bad and there is "Triskele" (celtic), doing a little bad thing for the right reasons may make the dead itself admissable. Consider the Coupe de Grace, crime passionelle, etc. I think live is full of such examples. It is a philosofy we even practise on our kids. We wouldn´t let them run accros the street in heavr traffic just for their free will, wouldn´t we.

    And Uzzah, I know it a hollywood fairytale, but the story you relayed remebered me about Tears of the Sun. Yes, it only takes one bullet in many cases and I applaud the mans spirit to remember who he was. I would have had the same temptation. If you see him another time, convey my sympathies.



  • vitty

    Thanks for all your replies

    And the history lesson...............................so what if it was 1920 for arguments sake !!!

    I wonder if the Canadian official would have done the deed if there had been NO repercussions, which was stipulated in this hypothetical scenario or if he had the chance to go back in time would he do it. Im glad Ill never be in his shoes.

  • buffalosrfree

    I would definitely wasted Hitler and Rutherford without a second's thought. Many of you on the board may not have ever been in the situation of having to shoot someone to stay alive, I have, and very much surprised myself when i readily up and did it without any thoughts as to morality or any of that nonsense. He was trying to kill me, had shoot the other guard I was with and was swiing his ak my way when I let loose a shotgun blast into his upper body and disposed of the threat. These things are something a person won't know unless faced with the problem then and only then will you really know for sure until then is mental gymnastics.

  • Borgia

    Back then, Hitler was in jail and writing his book "Mein Kampf". So, we´re left with Sober Joe running around in the 12cyl engine. As I said. The booze would have done the job nicely. Why waste a bullet? He´s glad, we´re glad. Win/ win situation.

    There are many turning points in history. Start pondering on the ones who have been shot. MLK, JFK, you name them. By means of contrast: What would have happened with David if Abner had not been slain? Some have been taking out of this life without fulfilling their full potential. Others, who did it in the wrong fashion got that chance to ruin millions of lives. So what does that tell us? (Live´s a bitch?) 1. you can never be sure whether or not your action will have the desired response. (vendetta´s, kill bill, et all) 2. Suppose we start taking out all undesired elements subversive to our moral. Where would that leave us? This is not about a shoot out in selfdefence as a result of a violent confrontation. We´re talking about deliberately blowing ones living daylights out for the sake of possible millions of lifes which may be on the line. 3. Where are we going to draw a line?

    Ever seen minority report? The concept is about fighting crime before it even happend........



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