I-75 London Kentucky-pick up the mags

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  • frozen one
    frozen one

    You could have a lot of fun with this. Are there any other religious magazines in the rack? The only one I can think of is Guideposts but there must be more. If there are maybe you can put a few in the empty space where the watchtowers were. Imagine how the witness who is dropping off the watchtowers will feel when they see that their Satan inspired competition is trying to take over the rack. They might even feel persecuted by the Devil himself.

    Other board members have posted brochures they have created on this site and they probably wouldn't mind if you printed a few off. Maybe you can create your own. I wouldn't replace the watchtowers with the new brochures. I'd stick them inside the magazines. Make sure you take a few off the rack first because whoever is dropping them off is probably keeping count. Say they left a dozen copies and came back to see three left. At first they would be pleased that 9 people took the "food" but when they notice your brochure tucked inside they'll be horrified knowing that 9 poor souls have been exposed to apostacy. If you happen to know a name of a witness in the London, KY area you could incorporate that name into your brochure. For example, if the witness' name is John T. Smith you could place at the bottom of your brochure something like "Printed by John T. Smith Outreach, London, KY" or "Printed by JTS Ministries." Make sure that the name really stands out. Use a bigger, bold font in a different color so whoever is dropping off the mags can't help but notice the name before they throw your brochures out. How long would it take for the congregation to start a witch hunt once the rumor gets out that Brother Smith is printing apostate literature?

    Enjoy yourself.

  • jrjr4189

    I love this idea. I can't wait to start dropping by my local laundromat and disposing of them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • moshe

    In the old days, I always left at least one mag and inserted an JW-expose' tract or I wrote 1-800-why-1914 on the cover ( way before the internet ) with an ink marker- As soon as the Dubs returned on their magazine route, they would see my handiwork and stop leaving literature for the apsotates to "deface"- ha! If I took all the literature, that just encouraged them to bring even more.

  • reneeisorym

    I sure wish I knew where they left them here. I live a few miles from a KH now. I wonder if I will see more now. humm... those evil apostates!! This is funny. I never thought I would turn out like this. Thankfully, I did.

  • belbab

    Make up some stickers that say:



  • Cori

    I did this same thing not too long ago. Was a doctors' office and while waiting in the lobby noticed a pair of magazines and a tract there. I promptly removed and disposed of them as I left.

    No one got to read those!!

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    Moshe is allways on the ball ! yes the old 1800 why 1914 hot line. always twists jw's into a pretzel. it's always good to carry a FAT magic marker. to put up some ANTI WT GRAFFITI. WERE JW'S LOVE TO dump their load of shit. (old mag's) junction guy keeps finding ways to piss off the jw's. i will not tell any of my stories, about my last few weeks of anti-witnessing. b/c i don't want to stumble anyone here with my tactics. i'll just say i had this one jw for about 2 hours. and that was the only conversation i had with a jw in months that went well............. john

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