I-75 London Kentucky-pick up the mags

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  • Junction-Guy

    If you ever travel I-75 through London Kentucky, stop off at the Shell station at exit 38. On the back side of the building beside the payphones there is a brochure rack for truckers, there are always Watchtowers and Awakes laying around. I hit the jackpot on saturday when I was traveling north to Dayton, I found a total of 8 different Watchtower and Awakes, I promptly removed them all. This has been a tradition for me for the past few years. Every time I travel through there I stop and remove the magazines.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff


    Thats a good plan - maybe if we all removed them from every public place we knew of it would have an impact.

    If we even saved one person from entering the cult it would be worth the effort.


  • Junction-Guy

    I always feel good when I remove them, almost like a public service. When I brought them up to Dayton the other day, Darin, Mom, and I had a big laugh over them. We were trying to decide what to mark on them with black marker, and we came up with some funny captions.

  • Jim_TX

    Good job Jeff,

    I used to have to go to the laundromat to do my laundry (B.W. - Before Washer).

    While there, I would wander around, picking up the Watchtowers & Awakes that were lying around - rip them in half, and drop them into the large trash cans there.

    Made me feel wonderful!


    Jim TX

  • anglise

    I took a pile of about 50 mags and brochures from a fish and chip shop in north Devon last year having first asked the person behind the counter if anyone wanted them - no one did.

    My son did look a bit puzzled as i staggered back to the car with fish and chips for 4 and all the nag mags lol.


  • carla

    Should you maybe leave one with a' Warning-cult literature' sticker or something so the dubs don't think they have 'placed' a bunch of mags and have some interested person picking them up?

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    anglise - lol! Thank goodness they weren't using them to wrap the fish and chips in!

    carla - I vaguely remember someone on here used to put stickers in the mags directing readers to this site

    I've never actually seen any mags left anywhere I go - maybe I only frequent the places that are no-no's for JWs to visit!!

  • Junction-Guy

    Update--When I went to Kentucky over Thankksgiving weekend, I once again stopped in at this truck stop. There were about 6 different Watchtowers and Awakes. Also they left 2 cassettes of the Watchtower and Awake. I wasnt even aware the WT and Awake mags were on cassette. I knew the bible stories and the kingdom melodies were on cassette, but not the WT. Dave

  • bebu

    Dave, you might consider talking to the manager of the truck stop. If he isn't a witness, then tell him that you this group is a cult and their writings are dangerous to families. Ask him to call the local KHs and have them let members know that it does not want the literature. (Maybe provide him with the phone numbers). Maybe it's coming from an employee...?

    If the owner is a witness, leave him with a question or a paper with website addresses.

    Good on ya for caring about those truckers.


  • Junction-Guy

    Excellent idea Bebu, I may try this next time I go through there. The employees that work there just dont seem to fit the typical clean cut image of JW's. I will ask around the next time Im there. Dave

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