We are all lacking in Faith!

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  • Junction-Guy

    The "Truth" in all academic respects has been proven a "Lie". I believe for every finger the WT Society has pointed toward Christendom, there are 3 fingers pointing back. My prayers and hopes are that more people will open their eyes to the lies of the WT Society, and that they will be exposed to the whole world for the misery and pain they have cause in people's lives and families.


  • Jeffro
    Where do I begin? well let's see I'm 24yrs old and since I was 5 I've been taught ''The Truth'' I remember going to the hall when I was a little girl with my grandmother I attended did the bible study and I learned a lot and I'm greatfull even though I'am no longer in the religion I grew up like everyone else saw and learned a lot of other things of this world none which have made me belive anything I have found myself asking lately what is happening with this world? why doesn't doesn't Jehovah do something and stop the pain for everyone? but I know in my heart one day he will it's just that I know I'm lacking in faith and I feel a lot of us are, I have never and will never stop beliving that Jehovah Is are God and that Jesus will save us from this hurtfull world even though I haven't been to the hall in a long time does not mean I will deny or ignore The Truth it's there for those few that are not blind to see we are lucky to know these things a lot of people in this world live there lives in the dark and lost we are not in the dark we know where the light is and shines! I hope we all can find are way back one day before it's to late! I love you JEHOVAH!!!

    There is a suspicious tone to this post. It starts off with an emotional anecdote of a little girl going with granny to bible studies. It then attempts to get the reader to believe that the writer doesn't believe JW's have the 'Truth', putting "The Truth"' in quotes, saying they're no longer in the religion - an appeal for common ground with readers. It then leads into looking at the world and contextualizing world events in a JW mindset. The author projects their desire for world events to change into a 'knowledge' that Jehovah is going to bring about changes, and that it is the 'Truth' that has taught them this. It then craftily uses the first person to suggest a 'lack of faith' on the author's part rather than implying an accusative tone of a lack of faith of the reader. It then makes an appeal to the reader's pride, intonating that those who are not "blind" will go back to the "Truth", and then reaches it's grandiose conclusion with a heartfelt appeal of 'togetherness' that "we" (the author and readers) will return to the "Truth" before some impending doom. The writer is trying to 'lure' the reader back to the "Truth" using the same crafty approach that JWs accuse apostates of using.

    Come clean, "The Truth".

  • Balsam

    Come on your hardliners, be nice. You know we get all kinds of lost sheep here, after all of us have been there and we understand how she feels at some point of our lives. She is a young woman what the heck do you expect. Welcome "The Truth" glad you found us here, ignore the mean comments and we'll listen. Most of us are ex-jw's though and I believe you should understand that. Most of us would never give any thought to going back except for family. There are some of us that still active members in the congregations even some Elders. The thing is we're all doing a lot of research on the organization. Some of us continue to be Christian, and some of us have become atheist because of the wounds they have suffered at the hands of their congregations.

    Anyway hope you'll visit around and read, you can private message me by clicking on my name and send me a message if your too scared to talk to anyone now because of some of the comments.


  • mrsjones5

    I maybe lacking in faith at times but I am so glad that I know the truth of grace (something you will never learn about among the jws)

    peace be with you


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Which takes more faith? To blindly and robotically go to meetings and out in service, hypocritcally saying you believe when deep down you don't, sitting in judgment on non-believers, perhaps even feeling a touch of smugness because you have "the truth" and they don't,


    to stop the hypocrisy, get off the runaway train and tell God your life is in his hands, start asking questions and then work to find the answers yourself rather than have someone read them to you from a lifeless magazine?

    I started studying 9, a year before my parents and was a Witness for 18 years before I finally broke free. Frankly I'd rather be murdered by God than live with the arrogant, hypocritical and mean attitude of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    BTW, why do you equate leaving Jehovah with leaving the organization? Isn't that a form of idolatry, putting the organization on the same level with God?

  • kid-A

    "There is a suspicious tone to this post."

    My thoughts exactly.

  • parakeet

    ***it's just that I know I'm lacking in faith and I feel a lot of us are***
    It sounds like you're having a crisis of faith, and if so, I'm sorry you're going through a difficult time in your life. If you're looking for reassurance for your faith here, you won't find it. What you will find is honesty and friendship, if you stay around long enough. Hope you do.

  • daystar
    and some of us have become atheist because of the wounds they have suffered at the hands of their congregations.

    I think it's probably accurate to say "some" here, but is also misleading in that I suspect most have done so in spite of any wound they may have suffered. I became atheist (although of a particularly odd sort) through study and meditation. The wounds the religion (not the congregation since they were simply following orders from on high) caused me to dislike the religion, not to doubt the existence of Jehovah or to lose faith in him.

  • jgnat

    Faith is more precious than gold, and stronger than Superman. How do I know? Because a grain as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. We only need a tiny bit of faith for miracles to start happening, because most of the miracle is God's work. I don't think your faith is lacking, sweetie, it's your vision. Start looking for evidence of God's creation all around you, and I am confident you will start seeing it.


  • daystar


    Start looking for evidence of God's creation all around you, and I am confident you will start seeing it.

    I have no doubt that your faith is strong. In my experience, however, we tend to find evidence of that which we attend to regardless of what it is. To relate a simple example, when we buy a new car, that car appears to be everywhere. We may not have noticed before, but since our mind's focus is now upon it, it seems everyone decided to buy the same car just when we did. But that doesn't make that assumption true.

    My point is that just because one begins looking for evidence of God's creation everywhere, and seems to see it, does not really mean much in my mind. If the same person begins to look for evidence that creation sprang from nothing, she will tend to find evidence to support that as well.

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