Lebanon and Israel

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  • Silvia Plath
    Silvia Plath

    Killing and war are wrong on either side, there IS NO CHOSEN PEOPLE, we were all created therefore we are all chosen.

    If Israel doesn't want war and bloodshed then why the dispoportionate response, and killing civilians by bombing the Beirut airport? Klling hundreds even thousands because two soldiers got kidnapped?

    Funny to die by Nazis only to become them, sort of like the molested becoming the child molester, don't you think?

    All must serve death and obediance, our species is suicidal in nature.

    We must stop acting like animals and more like human beings

  • MegaDude
    Its just as I thought, if the bible is being used as an excuse for slaughter and death then we must be more judicious about what we glean out of it.

    Or the Qur'an. Or any holy book.

  • JH
    If Israel doesn't want war and bloodshed then why the dispoportionate response

    Israel never said to other countries, "you shouldn't even exist" or "we will wipe you off the map" But Iran, who sponsors terrorism and arms Syria and Lebanon, and uses them as proxies to do their dirty work. Iran says every week that they will wipe Israel off the map. That alone is a declaration of war.

    It's a Religious war. It's going to get much worse, once Syria and Iran get their a** finally kicked for bringing on this confrontation. I back the USA and Isreal

  • kid-A

    Should Israel wait for them to get the Atomic bomb before reacting?

    I wonder how you would react JH, if jack-booted soldiers occupied your town, kicked you and your family out of your house, bull-dozed over it, and built a settlement over the land your family had owned and lived on for hundreds of years?

    This is the modus operandi of israel. They are ILLEGAL occupiers of Palestinian lands, using some biblical BULLSHIT to justify their own brand of terrorism, which is fully sponsored by the US. Israel has about as much moral authority as the Third Reich and are reaping the consequences of their criminal occupations. They have been "chosen" by no one, and have no more legal rights to Palestine than the former Arab populations.

  • Silvia Plath
    Silvia Plath

    Right on Dude!

    maybe that's the one thing the brainwashed cult had right, maybe by accident, if you are pro-nationalism, by nature you are being anti-human being, since supporting the warring acts of nations, is essence pledging to Death and Obediance, rather than Love.

    As Buddah says all beings want to live; all fear death, all love life; he who harms another has not learned detachment. "hate never yet dispelled hate, only love dispels hate, this is the LAW" from the buddhist vedas All human beings are brothers and sisters, not just those in a cult, not just jews or Arabs, let go of right and wrong, live in love.

    Its not easy; but people must realize that no nation should have carte blanch to start wars just because it has more money and power than its brothers living in poverty around it. That's like the bully complaining that he got picked on because all the other kids he's been beating up for years want to finally get back at him. You have to wonder at this bully's arrogance that he feels he shouldn't have to face the consequence of his actions.

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, scientific fact that you don't have to be religous to understand

    You want to stop violence, then stop poverty, stop hunger, stop your own religious and nationalistic bigotry, give people something to lose, because those with nothing to lose have everything to Gain, and those people are the most dangerous.; and really who can blame them?

    "seek understanding, for then who can you harm?"


    Interesting article in Wikipedia about the history of Israel. I thought it presented both sides fairly.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    The problems over there in Lebanon and Israel is the reason why I have no use for religion. It is all BS whether it is the Bible/ Koran or any other holy book that people wish to follow.


  • the sage
    the sage


    It appears that scripturaly your right on. Since the fall of man and his advocacy of the many false religions, [the waters], ( the peoples, crowds, nations, and tongues are (now) drying up) their support for the various deceptive religious beliefs of the world. Rev. 17:15. This could allow the eighth king the (U.N.) the 10 kings, to take control with their one world government, now split into three parts, false religion, corrupt politics and greedy commerce. Rev. 16:19; 17:12. Remember, the woman (the whore) means the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the whole earth, and God puts it into their heart to carry out his one thought, even to carry out their one thought---until the words of God will have been accomplished. Rev. 17;17,18.

    The Sage!

  • barry

    Both Hamas and Hezbola are terrorist organisations and want the complete destruction of Israel.

    The present situation with Hezbola started because over many months hezbola terrorists crossed the border many times and attacked civilians they also have been firing rockets targeting civilians. The conflict did not start just from the capture of two soldiers.

    Israel is accused of targeting civilians and I dont see some peoples logic on this. They are targeting Hezbola and these terrorists dont represent a country dont wear uniforms. They dont represent Lebanon in fact the Lebonese embassadore in Australia said at a rally keep talking about Hezbola violence. No war with a terrorist group can be clean when the terrorists melt away into the civilian population.

    Israel when targeting civilian areas drop leaflets warning the population of an immanent attack. In fact a muslim Lebonese friend of mine was saved from Israelie bombs when the Israelie army went house to house to warn people of an immanent attack. Terrorists dont warn of immanent attacks their object is to murder as many innocent people as they can. Hezbola didnt drop leaflets on Israelie cities yet.

    I dont beleive Israel has any right based on the bible. Anyone who takes that stand are nuts.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Its all a crok of s*** on both sides. Just because some stupid 5 thousand year old book says so. As far as I am concerned they could blow each other to kingdum come and we would all be better for it. Then maybe you would have peace. Will

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