Reminder about your mother, (AKA: FAMILY SUCKS)

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  • wanderlustguy

    Sometimes I just get hit again with the knowledge that some things will not always be there...and if we aren't careful, opportunities will pass us by. Same goes for other family members, so many aren't able to contact their families now, and wish they had said more, called more, hugged more.


  • schne_belly

    Thanks for the reminder Wander....

    I am grateful everyday for my family. After leaving the religion I realized how important they really are. My parents are still in the org, but I cherish the fact that they are willing to continue their relationship with me regardless of the crap they get from some in the congregation. My siblings were never in the org and I'm happy to say they are willing to HAVE a relationship with me now and don't hold it against me that I was distant when I was a JW.

    My heart goes out to anyone who's not able to contact their family due to various reasons, especially ones caused by this religion.

  • blondie

    Don't worry, I said all I had to say.........sometimes it is not emotionally healthy to maintain contact with family.

    Blondie, no regrets

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I'm with Blondie. We don't all have "Ozzie & Harriette" TV fantasy families.

    I won't be making any calls anytime soon.

  • wanderlustguy

    The idea doesn't have to be your mom only, but anyone you care for.

    Jeesh. There wasn't enough room in the subject line for what I should have said..."if you aren't mad at him/her, and might wish you had called more, assuming it doesn't offend you, I would like to suggest you call anyone who you may in retrospect one day wish you had communicated with more often than you have up to this point".

  • kls

    Don't worry, I said all I had to say.........sometimes it is not emotionally healthy to maintain contact with family.

    Blondie, no regrets

    Ditto what Blondie said.

    Sometimes it's better to just leave misery behind.

  • Stealth453

    I'm with you on this one. Burnt those bridges a LONG time ago.

    A jw family is worse than no family at all.

  • karen96

    My family was never in the borg, but there are certain ones I left behind in my old cong I wish I could contact. One married a Brooklyn Bethelite. If any one left Bethel in the last 9 years, feel free to PM me.


  • Tigerman

    Just keeping my ( JW ) kid's interest in me has been a difficult undertaking. In 1983 I moved to the part of the country where they were living. Then they ( mom and step-father and kid's ) moved a little further East ( was it me ? ) and turned a 2hr. drive into a 5-6 hr. drive. Then after my kids married I was living in Chicago, my son in Detroit and my daughter Columbus, O. I was transferred to Indianapolis . . . right in the middle of both kids residences . . .3 hrs. each way. My point is that after they married I was the one making the trips; in 5 years, Detroit 5-6 times; to Columbus 5 times. They came to see me in Indianapolis one time, when I told them that their Grandfather was probably visiting me for the last time for he was in failing health. Then when my son was in my neck of the woods last year ( in Florida ) he never took the time to come by my place, instead I met him an hour away from my home at someone's house ( for a few hrs. He could have visited me, his time is his own. We could have talked and fished on the beach) If I telephone them and leave a message I will not get a return call until I have phoned 2-3 times . . . if then.

    My point is this: I feel I have been ignored ( shunned ) to a degree for the last 20 years, ever since they became 15-17 years old and very impressionable. I like to believe they truly love me, however, their lack of action speaks so much louder than words. Am I wrong ?

  • mrsjones5

    I've been thinking about calling my parents - just to see if they are OK. I know they're OK but I do want to call. I won't talk about what happened in California, it doesn't bear talking about. My relationship with my parents is what it is. I have accepted that they will never feel for me the way I want. They will never see me as the person I am instead of the person they think I am becasue I'm not in the bOrg. But I will protect my kids. I don't think I'm ready to let them have access to my kids just yet.


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