Who would you invite to your Fantasy Dinner Table?

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  • nicolaou

    You know the game, you can invite ten real people - alive or dead - who you would want to have around the table for a meal and conversation. Since it's a fantasy, language wouldn't be a barrier.

    I'm still working on my definitive list but some names come immediately to mind;

    Stephen Fry

    Adrianna Lima

    Carl Sagan

    Lee Evans

    Peter Kay


    Jessica Rabbit

    Jeanne d'Arc


    Jessica Rabbit

    And perhaps the Beatles are playing in the corner.

    Hmm I need to think on this . . . .

  • sir82

    Ted Jaracz & Jesus Christ!

  • misanthropic

    I'd make mine a real "Fantasy" dinner and have to have Christian Bale, who needs 9 others? ;)

  • purplesofa

    Whoopi Goldberg

    Bill Clinton

    Robin Williams

    John Mayer

    Anderson Cooper

    Claude Monet

    Jacques Cousteau

    Johnny Carson

    AJ Foyt

    Lucille Ball

  • daystar
    I'd make mine a real "Fantasy" dinner and have to have Christian Bale, who needs 9 others? ;)

    And lose 9 slots? Hey, it's a fantasy! Go ahead and fill those slots... I intend to! ... ... ... um, that sounds really dirty...

  • daystar


    Adriana Lima

    Paz Vega

    Alan Cummings

    Henry Rollins

    Harrison Ford


    Robert Anton Wilson

    Michael Moorcock

    ... ... ...

  • lola28

    Peter Jennings

    Bill Maher

    Bill Clinton

    Derek Fisher (mmmmmm Fisher **drools**)

    Eddie Vedder

    Derek Fisher

    My BFFOL

    Derek Fisher

    Edgar A Poe

    and ummm Derek Fisher


  • daniel-p

    Helen Keller


    9 Helen Keller clones

  • Qcmbr

    Captain of the Mary Celeste
    Cleopatra (just curious to see if she really was a hottie..)
    Oscar Wilde (just for the sheer laugh)
    Charles Dickens (after dinner story)
    The guy who got burnt picking up sticks on the Sabbath (I always feel he got picked on and was probably beaten up as a small child as well)
    Any of the apostles (I'd get a dictaphone and cross check the stories ;)
    The architect guy who built the Great Pyramid (how did you get those stones to the top - no really - did you just not bother to draw any pictures!!?)
    King David (but I'd make sure he wasn't sitting too close to Cleo - can't have any more trouble)
    The writer of Shakespears works (just hedging my bets in case I get Mr Bacon or someone else.)
    My wife (who else is going to wash up? J/K its just in case it was all a bit boring after the first half an hour.)

  • LDH

    Quentin Tarantino

    Tatsuya Nomura

    Nobuo Uematsu

    Keanu Reeves (In his Matrix getup)

    Paul Simon

    Judge Judy

    Seth McFarlane

    Ethan Hawk

    Charles Taze Russel ( muhahaha)

    Steven Hawkings

    -LDH's daughter.

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