KingDumb songs

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  • PopeOfEruke

    There was one song in the pink songbook about Jesus and the ransom, I think it had the line "peace he sent just like a dove" or similar...anyway I think it was a pretty good song and at least it mentioned Jesus a bit.

    It was near the end of the book, maybe song 109 or so? Anyone remember the title?


  • mama1119

    Remember that weird song about getting molested by bees??? What was that all about. I always wondered what that meant..........Anyone know????

  • Momofmany

    "I have been out of the watchliar sociopaths since 1981. I still hum the f**king things." Now that's what I don't want to hear. I was hoping one day, soon, I would forget it all.

  • Stealth453

    Everybody in the congregation was urged to buy a set of Kingdom Songs on LP.

    Did anyone ever try to play them backwards to see what demonic message may have been inserted??

    Wait...I'm sorry, the demonic messages were heard when you played them the right way.

  • geevee

    Molested by bees!!! Could you please hum a few bars?

  • WTWizard

    I remember when I had that "problem" with Christmas songs. I would be exposed to them during the season, and they would pop up in the middle of the summer, and even close to time for them to start again. And I would try and block them out. Needless to say, they never quite got down to zero.

    I suspect this is the same with Kingdumb S***. From time to time, they pop up. Whether they are set off by seeing a few of the lyrics or by hearing something that resembles the original song, it is a nuisance. Most likely, it is the times I would go to the boasting sessions. I remember listening to them at home on occasion (they wanted me to listen to it in place of music, but I only listened to it occasionally such as to help me to sleep--in which they did a p*$# poor job). And there were the big boasting sessions, where of course they are more memorable since you only hear them in that setting a few times a year.

    However they got in, I suspect they are in for keeps. And when it happens, I remember the Christmas songs that I used to not supposed to be thinking of, and know that it can fade out but not die totally. I no longer have any of that s*** in my place (I destroyed the records and erased the tapes, and never bothered to order the CDs). I do what I used to do about the Christmas songs--I generally have real music going in my computer (including a few Christmas songs). And, of course I have to be careful not to be indoctrinated by the lyrics: if you are really tired and the lyrics are coming in clear, it may still be possible to autohypnotize yourself and auto-indoctrinate yourself with the s***. That is the real danger of listening to it.

    If I never hear another piece of that Kingdumb S***, it will be too soon.

  • Stealth453

    I have been out almost 30 years, and every so often I catch myslf singing one of them. God, they did a great job of brainwashing us, didn't they?

  • R.F.

    I found myself humming one while driving yesterday.

  • Gill

    As they say, the Devil has all the best tunes!!

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