don't any of you get afraid??

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  • AlmostAtheist

    The other day, Zachary (my 8-year-old) and I were using Google Maps to look at satellite images of New York. The images were of such good resolution that we could see individual people. It's a free service.

    July 4th (I think) we launched the space shuttle again, which docked with the space station. It might have come back by now, but it's so commonplace to hurl a hundred tons into space and bring it back safely, I didn't hear if it came back yet or not.

    There are initiatives in place to bring technology (cheap laptops, with internet access) into areas of the world that can't pay for them, so their children grow up with a fighting chance to be educated.

    Thru the United Nations, "permission" can be obtained for the world at large to tell individual countries that their behavior is not acceptible, without resorting to warfare.

    While I'll grant you that every individual doesn't benefit from these good things, and people still starve to death and die from easily curable diseases, the trend appears to be toward better living for mankind, not destruction.

    From my perspective.

    When I was an angry-god fearing JW, I wondered sometimes if having children "this side of armageddon" was a good idea. Would they live up to his standards? Would they survive "the end"? But now I see a bright future for my kids, I'm very hopeful for them.

    I hope you can be hopeful, too.


  • anewme

    I too have found some comfort from all of you and your words of courage you have shared here.


  • JH

    I am afraid and I want to live, so september 1st I'm running back to the hall, uncondionally !!!

  • juni

    I'd like to see that happening JH !!

    Nowisee - You have a lot of loving concerned people here sharing their inner thoughts and feelings with you and what works for them. Hopefully you can find inner peace through such sharing.


  • Honesty

    Ozzie is spot on.

    After accepting the free gift of life from Jesus a Christian looks forward to the day when his work for the Lord is done and he can go home to be with Him.

  • Shazard

    For fear is nought but the surrender of the helps that come from reason; (Wisdom of Solomon 17:12)

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan


  • Terry

    In Hollywood, whenever a newspaper is shown, the classic headline considered to always be relevent is "Violence Flares in the Middle East".

    In other words, it is a cliche'.

    World trouble is largely a matter of reporting.

    There are always wonderful people doing wonderful things and awful people doing awful things. NEWS is not the nice part, but, the awful part.

    Religions like the JW's are naysayers. They poison the well of human discourse with doom-laced negativism.

    To get a perspective on life keep your thinking 90% local. Ask yourself these questions:

    1.How much violence happened to me and my family personally this year?

    2.How many people have died in my neighborhood due to global warming this week?

    3.Can I still pop in to the local grocery store and buy over-priced bottled water and snack foods?

    4.Does the postman still deliver mail?

    5.Are the cartoon channels still running?

    If you can answer these questions each day you'll have a true snapshot of world conditions as far as the impact on your life.

    There are about 300 million people in the U.S. How much of the "bad" that happens really puts a small ripple in a pond that size for real?

    Get a grip. Get a perspective. Keep it local and try and give yourself an active purpose.

    END TIMES is for losers and people stuck with too much free time on their hands.

  • nowisee

    hello all... just came on to check in this morning and i want to say how much i appreciate each and every answer. i will seek out the references mentioned and meditate on all of your good advice. i feel blessed to be in this community of people who care enough to respond with compassion. ozzie -- a mantra that i often repeat to myself is "grow in love". my resolution is to continue in that fashion although i know i have a long way to go before it is perfect! thanks everyone. nowisee

  • M.J.

    Anyone can become a Sol Rosenberg if they really try.

    Relax, take in some healthy perspectives and perhaps even read Carl Olof Jonsson's book, Sign of the Last Days--When?

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