don't any of you get afraid??

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  • nowisee

    i know, i know. all of the stuff re wts. yet with all of this stuff happening in the mideast....with al gore's "an inconvenient truth" and scientists backing him up...with nkorea....with "christian" rhetoric....with pornography taking over the minds of our men.....bird flu....debt up to the eyeballs....complacency....pacs.....enron...corruption...serial killers in phoenix.....shrinking dollar....economy being sold to overseas.....etc. etc. can anyone reassure me??

  • looking_glass

    JWs pray on people's fears. There is usually an answer to all questions, it is up to us to research and find them. Fear is often steeped in a lack of knowledge. Again, that is what JWs are counting on.

  • nowisee

    thanks, lg. but it wasn't reassuring. facts in my mind still seem to show us hurtling toward destruction. one way or another. wts or otherwise. please someone, show me something different.

  • heathen

    I don't think you have to be a j-dubby to see that the world is in chaos and that Gods promise was to deliver the faithful and true . I think it's all going to hit the fan myself but have no desire to go back to an abusive religion that lies cheats and steals .

  • blondie

    So, nowisee, what could YOU or I do to stop this? Hmmmmmm? We could call the people in government that represent us and let them know how we feel about these things. Or we could do positive things and not be part of the problem.

    I gather that the governments are not interested in annihilation any more than we are.

    I grew up in the Cold War era in a military family. We knew more about what was really happening than the general public. We learned to cope with it.

    So we tell the people who can do some things how we feel and do what we can to help and encourage others to do the same...

    Lov,e Blondie

  • FMZ


    There is one thing that has permeated mankind's consciousness throughout the ages, that has always kept us in the game, so to speak. That, my friend, is love. Sure, there are those with a lack of love, that tend to think selfishly, manipulating people and situations (in the world stage as well as the personal) to their own desires.

    The thing that keeps the world going is love mate. Sure, the world is a disgusting place, and there will always (IMHO) be evil and chaos in the world, but there will also always be love of one's fellow man.

    Things will get worse before they get better... but there are better times coming mate. Just do your part... go out and love, and be loved. If we can all do our small part, then mankind will shine that little bit brighter.

    Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori
    Love conquers all, so let us also submit to love


  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Where I live (Cyprus) is about 100 miles from the Lebanon and Israel. The mini-cruises to Lebanon are temporarily suspended. Day trips to Israel continue. If necessary, British bases will be used to evacuate foreigners from the hotspots.

    In the overall history of this island and this region, current events are significant but by no means out of the cyclical run of things. They have happened before and will no doubt happen again.

  • jgnat

    Hey, I'm not a JW, but I've been fed unreasonable fears my whole life. When I was a little girl, I feared nuclear annihilation. When I was a teenager, I researched the oil crisis, and was to thoroughly convinced BY THE EXPERTS that there would be no more oil by 1980, I didn't bother to get a driver's licence until I was in my late twenties. Pah. I stopped listening to all doomsayers after that. And who can forget the bogus cancer risk of saccharin, and the dangers of coffee with your bacon?

    A dream permanently changed my outlook. I realized, to be a brave Christian, I was wasting my time worrying about the future. Who by worrying can add a single hour?

    I concentrate instead by making my world better, even if it is by increments. Today I spray-painted the rust away on our fire lane barrier signs. Yesterday, I mailed a postcard to LazySlob in Stockholm.

    Nowadays, if I were to believe the advertisements, I am to fear age spots, grey hair, wrinkles, and yellow teeth. Pah. I spit in the eye of the commercialized fear-mongers. Life is too wonderful to waste my time on those little things. What of the big things you ask, like the war in Lebanon? Again, concentrate on making the world better by increments. I admire the work the Quakers do in the most violent areas of the planet. Why not support them in their peacemaking efforts, so different from the "neutral" view of the Jehovah's Witnesses?

  • looking_glass

    Nowisee - I do not mean to be dismissive. So I apologize, if that is how it came across. When you say "facts" are you speaking of what you see on t.v. or what you read in Time or Newsweek. Keep in mind we are dealing with media outlets that recognize that the way to sell is to frighten.

    If you go to You can do research regarding weather and its constant patterns or CONSTANT CHANGE. One of the studies showed that hurricanes comes in waves, it ebbs and flows over decades. So there were periods of drought and/or a lack of rain fall and storms along the coast lines. We are stating to enter into the peak of the increase. Thus, the reason for the increase in the weather changes along the coast lines.

    Historically, you will find that there have been bloody wars and terrorist in their own way. Yes, we now have the ability to destroy en mass, but back in the days of no nuclear warheads, there were other deadly weapons of mass destruction for that period of time. If you think about it there were races of people who were destroyed but it is believed that it was do to their own doing (i.e., Rome was destroyed based on internal struggles that gave way to external forces).

    I believe that if you do real research and study everything that there is out there, not movies that play on fears, or articles that play on fears, but real studies and research, you will see that although what we are dealing with is unsettling, it is not new, just new to us.

  • apfergus

    Sure, things can get scarey. But what you have to realize is that we don't need an intervention by god to make things better. It is possible for humans--just simple, plain old ordinary humans--to change the world for the better. It's happened before, and you and I can do it again now. There will always be bad people in the world, but as long as we all remain consious of this and act accordingly there's really no reason to worry. When I get to feeling pessemistic I find it very comforting to pick up a book from my R. Buckminster Fuller collection--he's one of my favorite humanist writers and led a pretty amazing life.

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