The quickest, best way to have a Witness open their eyes to being a cult

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  • free2beme

    My sister was probably one of the most loyal Witnesses out there. When my spouse and I left the Witnesses, and she asked why, no matter what we said or did changed her thinking in any way. All her responses were pulled right from the Watchtower thinking, "Sorry you feel that way, but I believe Jehovah's Witnesses are God's people." Well in time we came to an agreement, "You do not bring up your negative thoughts on the religion, and I will not try to get you to come back to the religion." I honestly figured that my sister would grow old and die as a Witness. Then a year ago, something happened and from that experience I have come to conclude that it is something that is the best way for a Witness to get their eyes opened to their cult religion ways. What was that event?

    My sister took on a foster child infant about a year ago. At first it was kind of crazy, but in time things calmed down and life was going okay for her. She was falling in love with the little guy, and since the mother was willing to give him up, she was setting her life in order to adopt. She was so busy taking care of the child and doing things related to the legal issued needed, that she had not been to a meeting in two months. The elders called, doing the "a typical" comments of "we missed you and are worried about you." She explained her circumstances and thanked them for checking on her, and explained that as soon as she could get her life in order more, she would be back with her son. They were negative, saying that the end could be any time and taking time away could turn her away from Jehovah. She explained it would not, and they left. Well a couple weeks later they kept calling and calling and her unbelieving husband was getting irritated. They did not need this right now, they had a lot going on and explained this to the elders. To no success, they kept calling and calling and even assigning woman in the congregation to come by and encourage her to come back and even writing guilt ridden letters to her. Finally one Saturday morning, my sister was cleaning house and up come two elders to her door. She was caught off guard and of course they looked prepared and ready, hardly fair. They asked if they could speak with her, honoring them as she was told too, she let them in and they set down and explained that the elders were concerned about her and had considered her issue and come to the conclusion that Satan had brought this child into her life to get her away from Jehovah. This comment upset my sister, and she was crying, as she was now adopting the child and loved him as her own and could not believe these elders would say such a thing. They asked her, "do you still want to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses?" Which she responded that she did, and they mentioned that she really needed to come back to the meetings. Well she did not and a year passed and calls never stopped and surprise visits were happening to no success, as now her husband answered the calls and said she was not home and would answer the door to, she is busy or not home. My sister's eyes opened, not long ago she explained that she now sees the religion as a crazy, over controlling cult and wants nothing to do with them.

    So if you want your relatives eyes to be opened, have them take some time off and see the crazy and ridiculous steps the elders will take to get them back. The guilt, the hounding, the stupid comments and just the plain craziness that is the Jehovah's Witnesses. It works better then any book, website, program on television, etc. It proves that all they ever thought was not there, is. Now my sister considers herself an apostate. Only one left to leave, my mother and she is still in the "I love everything about Jehovah stage." Give it time, it will come.

  • aniron

    This would depend on how dilligent the Elders of a congregation where.

    I stopped attending meetings, I got no visit or phone call, not even a letter, it was two years before a couple of Elders called round, then another 4 years passed before they called again.

    I've met other exJW's and even JW's, who had basically the same experience. They stopped attending meetings, and waited for the supposed "shepherding" call from their Elders. They either got one months or years later or even not at all.

  • Elsewhere

    Damn.. only a crazy cult would try to say that adopting a needy or orphaned child into your home is the plan of Satan.

    "By their fruits you will know them."

  • Quentin

    How sad they would make a goofy comment like that...they have no shame...

  • SirNose586

    That's a sad story you've got there, Free. Not to excuse what they said, but I think they could've done a much better job of encouraging your sister. If they had really wanted to ease the burden on your sister, they should've offered help from the sisters. Love should be the operating spirit, not statistics for the C.O.'s consumption. The whole "Satan is taking you away from the meetings" was a poor response...but what else can you expect from high-level salesmen?

  • parakeet

    One would think that the sister adopting a child would be a welcome thing to the JWs -- another child to be brought up as a JW and "saved." Instead they act like the kid is Damien from "The Omen." Weird way of thinking.
    BTW, I've been inactive for almost 30 years, and here's the number of times elders came to pay a "shepherding" visit -- 0.

  • Quentin
    BTW, I've been inactive for almost 30 years, and here's the number of times elders came to pay a "shepherding" visit -- 0.

    I was inactive for twenty years...couldn't remember where my card was, so, sent a da letter straight to the top...they moved heaven and earth to find me...aint it grand to be loved?

  • stillajwexelder

    I once walked up to a door with a sister and the dog started barking furiously. She just replied Satan had sent the dog and it was demonized.

    That poor Satan guy sure gets a lot of balme thrown at him

  • Highlander

    Satan isn't that bad of a guy.

    Just watch Southpark and you'll soon realize Satan is a very emotional, sensitve, caring individual.

    But you do have to watch out for Satan's lover, Sadam Hussein, now that's a bad man!

  • wednesday

    I recall a similar situation. A couple in their 30's finally were able to have a baby. Only the baby was born with a lot of medical problems. They knew right away they would need to spend their time with their child but the elders bothered them (visits and calls and wait until the new system to fix your baby stuff) to the extent they just up and moved . Left no forwarding address. These people had not been raised in the org. and they were able to quickly see a controlling weird cult for what they were.

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