Gregor—A Poster You Should Get to Know

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  • AuldSoul

    I just had a very enjoyable, insightful conversation with Gregor, "the Kool-Aid man". I learned some things and shared some things, and I think we are both the better for the conversation.

    I think it would do everyone a lot of good to occasionally remember that on this forum, due to the limitations of the medium, we can really only see a weird sort of 2-dimensional person (sometimes only a 1-dimensional person) through the posts we read. I just wanted to let everyone know I am glad I am getting to know Gregor. You don't really have to get to know him, I only used the word "should" to see how many were repelled by it.

    Brandon (aka AuldSoul)

  • Robdar

    Hi Brandon, I agree, we can't tell who the "real person" is based on posts. That's why I rarely take flame wars that seriously.

    I haven't gotten to speak with Gregor but like him--politics aside.

  • seahart

    I would be very careful contacting posters in person. I think we have all heard the storys about that real nuts out there(here). You should call yourself "Bravesoul". I don't know if I could talk to a poster outside this forum. S.

  • greendawn

    I like his cartoonish and twisted sense of humour.

  • Robdar

    I would be very careful contacting posters in person. I think we have all heard the storys about that real nuts out there(here). You should call yourself "Bravesoul". I don't know if I could talk to a poster outside this forum. S. Having met some of the nuts, I agree with you-- to a point. However, life involves taking chances. For every "nut" I've met from this forum, I've met 10 good ones. It's been worth the risk.

  • seahart

    Robdar, I believe you are right we should take chances. I sometimes get caught up in what I hear in the media. I don't think this is place is turnig into what "myspace" is turning into.S.

  • AuldSoul


    I have now met 14 over the phone, not counting Joyzabel and jst2laws both of whom I have known for many years. Unless Misanthropic or purplesofa are very good at masking their true natures there wasn't a nut among them.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my discussions with Listener, Confession, Barbara Anderson, AlanF, Kwintestal, AlmostAtheist, Chris (BigTex), Nina (cruzanheart) and all the rest I have talked with. I will be meeting LittleToe in PERSON soon, and I am very happy about that. His "farewell address" to the bOrg has earned him some much deserved celebrity. But then, how could you describe a kilted Scotsman other than "ballsy", eh?

    I hope I end up with an even better ratio than yours of nuts to genuinely engaging and interesting people. 1:10 is good, but 1:100 is better. Of course, in the interests of intellectual integrity I must consider the possibility that I have driven up a few people's "nut" tally.

    Can't think of any place where I would be more likely to find more people who understand what I mean by "happifying" I LOATHE that word.


  • unclebruce

    G'day seahart,

    I met gregor when he first came here and could see right away he's alright (I don't think axe weiding maniacs are as common as we're led to believe.) Anyone would be safe meeting with 90% or more of the posters posting here. I'm constantly amazed how well we get to know each other online. I've met over a dozen exjws offline and they've all been really nice Ozziepost and his wife, Old Tom and his wife, Refiner and his wife, the delightful ms Peaches mmm come to think of it Bathory the vampire was a worry lol.

    A good idea for meeting people is to call for an apostafest at a coffee shop or resturaunt. It should be possible to have one in most major cities in the world.

    cheers, unc.

  • HappyDad

    I have met three posters in person, and talked to two on the phone.

    Met gold_morning (who rarely posts these days). She is a wonderful, wonderful woman.

    Met ithinkisee and freedomlover. What a great young couple! I wish them the best on their new life.

    Talked to bikerchick and onacruise on the phone. I must say that I was awestruck with the depth of onacruise's thinking and reasoning ability. Now there is a guy I could listen to for a long time without falling asleep.

    No.....none of these people I met are nut cases.

    I would like to talk to more posters and also meet them one of these days. Gregor, Auld Soul, and MerryMagdalene are just three of them.


  • uninformed

    I have spoken a number of times with Garybuss, and have met in person a number of the people that have the Texas Apostafest, Big Tex and Cruzenhart, and enjoyed meeting even Elsewhere, even though he got his kiddie car broken last week. I have really enjoyed meeting some nice people.

    I don't quite understand the reluctance to meet people in person. But, I am an old man with not a hell of a lot to lose, and I really enjoy getting to know people better.

    Can someone tell me why it is so "unsafe"? I have pm'd several people in the Kansas-Missouri area to try to get together for breakfast or something and never get a response.

    Ask Big Tex. I'm not a stalker. I take my wife with me everywhere I go.

    Brandon, hope to meet you someday.


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