Stop Writing People Off

by Coded Logic 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • prologos
    do not even attack the issue, as the PO said, give a detailed refutation of specific points , so all can learn. Even a "dumb" topic, with faulty reasoning, can be the vehicle for needed insights, well put arguments to teach the non-wt - truth.
    Thumbs Up......

    Yeah, like CERN/ wormholes and demons. I decided not to make fun of that guy. I mean, what do I know?

    I believe that those of us who have been personally attacked by self righteous religious people, tend to become impatient with anyone who comes across that way.

    I've slowly been learning to separate the false ideas from the person. Sure, sometimes I'm still a douche, but I'm working on it.


  • abiather

    Coded logic,

    What words of wisdom you posted" "And, even if you don't change the mind of the person who disagrees with you, there's a good chance someone else reading in the thread may change their mind. But that can ONLY happen if you're willing to do the necessary work and give them reasons to do so."

  • millie210
    Thank you Coded Logic.
  • Fisherman
    Coded, some people do not know any better. That is the way. they think. In their minds ridicule and just seemingly winning an argument with fallacious logic and tactics means to them and others that are fooled that their position is correct. But telling them "Don't do that" does not help the person. It only stops that person from being disruptive. Some people "attack" others verbally in a discussion intentionally as a tactical device to manipulate the discussion. It depends though on the agenda of the discussion or of the participant(s). An agenda sometimes can mean that the ends justify the means (like winning your freedom in a trial). However, in this Forum it is my opinion that if a person does what you say, he is being disorderly, maybe not intentionally but nevertheless such remarks contribute nothing to the discussion. It is a disruption. I have had the opportunity to read some of your threads and posts and the work you do before you post is evident. I am sure that you know that the agenda of this website is to discredit the WTS so your remark about the cool aid although offensive to jw may not be considered out of order by the participants of this Forum, but what would be out of order in my opinion would be a response to it. That is not to say that if permitted by webmaster a topic could not be formed discussing a doctrine or policy. It would be out of order then in my opinion to ridicule an argument or a person having a discussion under that Topic but it would be proper to show how or why a particular position is ridiculous or invalid in my opinion. But I do not make the rules. Ridiculing something does not invalidate it no matter how angry a person gets or how loud they scream.

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