Dubs at my door ... what will I do?

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  • ithinkisee

    For those that don't know, my wife and I moved away from our family and friends to fade away. My mom and her new uber-elder husband with GB connections have been spreading it around where we are from that he is going to send a couple of elders to my house for spiritual "assistance".

    So, everytime an unfamiliar car comes up my driveway a small wave of dread comes over me as the car gets closer.

    Like I left the mafia or something.

    To date, no elders have come.


    Two days ago a carload of witnesses stopped and worked our area. It was a man and woman that came to the door.

    I let him go through his spiel. He tried to find common ground with me by commenting on the ATARI shirt I was wearing. (Like, "See, we J-Dubs are cool.")

    I let him do his whole thing and took the magazines and let him finish and I smiled and handed them back and said, "No thanks."

    And they left.

    I guess I could have got into it with them, but it would have probably would have messed up my whole day.
    I have had ideas of what to do when JWs come to my door and what to say to trip them up. But I really felt sorry for them - being so sincere and so nice and thinking they can earn their salvation. Yet just under the surface of that niceness I know they have that same fear we all grew up with - that if we don't do enough we're gonna get zapped. How horrible.

    So I just said goodbye.

    Of course, if my old congregation ever does sic some elders on me, it will be a different ballgame entirely.


  • greendawn

    In my experience with the dubs if you argue with them and show them that you know the subject very well they are unlikely to return, they are looking for victims among the ignorant and the naive of society. They won't return to argue with those that know well their history and how to refute their doctrines.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Good way to handle things.
    If they come 'round looking for you, you could always say "ITIS? No not me. Freedomlover? Don't know her. Wrong house, sorry."


  • blondie

    I try to remember how I reacted when I found a person who seemed to know a lot about JWs. I figure it is like my garden, it is better to water some every day than to flood the plot once a week/month.

    It is better to just ask a thought-provoking question after sharing a couple of questions and then just leave it to sink it and perhaps to take root. That is what a non-JW did to me...it took about ten years before I left, but it opened my mind to other thoughts.

    Blondie (who doesn't answer the door because she hasn't moved away)

  • PrimateDave

    I too have wondered what I would say if/when? the local elders decide to 'shepherd' me since I haven't had any contact with them for about a month. I figured I might just go along with what they say to keep the peace, smile, and keep doing the fade. Yes, I might even have to lie and say, "okay, I'll see you at the meeting" or whatever. I figure that when they still don't see me, then they just might ignore me.
    I remember that when I used to go door to door, the thing I used to try to get away from really fast was anyone who tried to show me apostate material. I guess if you just want to get rid of regular dubs, just pretend you're a Baptist and pull out Crisis of Conscience or whatever and see how quickly they excuse themselves.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    The average JDub that doesn't know you or your history is no big deal. To them you’re just another householder who probably isn't interested. However JDubs given your address by your family is another matter entirely. You just know that there will be a report back home as to how you and your wife responded to their visit. That's definitely not a very comfortable position to be in. I certainly am glad that the days of hiding my thoughts regarding the WBTS from my JDub mother are behind me.

    Good luck.

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    My car is usually in the yard and it is such a small area with everyone knowing each other so well tht they know if I were not to answer to just walk around the house and call my name down the path to the woods.

    Mary (of the I just gotta move outta here class)

  • Goldminer

    I've been thinking for a while what I would do if some elders came back and asked me if I believe the WTS is God's organization.

    This is how I would deal with it:

    Goldminer:"That's a very good question"

    Elder: "Well,what do YOU think,tell us,is the WTS Jehovah's earthly organization????"

    Goldminer: " I assume you brought your bible with you?"

    Elder: "Well of course"

    Goldminer: " Why don't you pull it out and show me from the bible where it says God has an earthly organization and uses a governing body to direct it"

    If you're dealing with an elder you have to be tougher.if you're dealing with a r&f you have to plant some kind of seed to make them wonder.It's really hard to say if one thing works the best.I believe everybody is different and it's hard to figure out what comment can have the best on a jw.

    Just play it cool and yes,it's like dealing with the mafia.If they find out you snuck into the witness protection program and they've located you they'll definitely want to know if you're still loyal to the org or if you have to be taken down.


  • target

    Many years ago there was a big commotion in the congregation because the PO had taken quite a beating at the door from someone who knew their stuff. He was unable to prove anything the guy said was wrong. The thing was, it planted a seed in my mind that if what we really had was the truth, then what took place simply could not have happened. The PO is still going strong, but my family is long gone.

    In another instance, a sister made the comment to me that it is pretty hard to believe all the elders are spirit appointed. That really got me thinking. She is still in there "taking direction". But we are long gone.

    My point is that we may wonder why these people don't wake up when this stuff is right in front of them, but we are not realizing how many other people are tucking that information away and not saying anything at the time. Then, as Blondie said, it gets watered every now and then and they end up growing into a full bloom apostate

    So I agree with Blondie, pick a subject that does not take a lot of explaining, don't try to get deep because they tune you out before you get to the good stuff, just give them something to chew on, something that will be brought back to mind every once in a while.

    Target - a bloomin' apostate

  • Blueblades

    Two great questions to ask are: What is the most important Sripture in Watchtower Theology? and, What is the most important Event in Watchtower history? Most if not all will not have the answer to those two questions.


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