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  • anewme

    Thankyou Upandatom, that was a very refreshing and eye opening summary!
    So true!

    I am going to copy it and save it to share with everyone!!!!



  • LDH
    They are a publishing company.

    Their members are called publishers.

    Non-publishers aspire to become publishers.

    They have territories and quotas.

    Out of the mouth of (forum) babes!

    Love it!!!!

  • greendawn

    Well done Up and Atom, you got the gist of the picture the WTS is a business cleverly wrapped up inside religion, their preaching is in fact a commercial activity, and we are left wondering how much profit they make each year and who receives it.

    If you have 6 million salespeople selling your products without a reward you have to be really smart, that's hundreds of millions of hours of free labour every year.

    Just think of it, it's an employer's dream to have millions of people working for his business for nothing. Jehovah will reward in due time, here "the due time" in fact means never.

  • daniel-p

    In addition: To be a good publisher of periodicals is the highest glory anyone can attain in the congregation.

    Excellent post, Atom.

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    Great summary. I'm making a copy.


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