Italian Report on JF Rutherford

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    After having done a cursory scan of the website I fully agree with stromboli. Its all material that we've come across on english sites. What VMM saw about Rutherford was just one part that was dealing with the history of the JWs. There's a nice section on their doctrines and on the NWT as well as many experiences of ex-jws.


    I don't understand why Sergio would expect so much from his site's visitors. I'm sure more Italian JWs would read all of it if they didn't have to give up their anonimity.

  • VM44

    Stromboli, Thank you for the info about Sergio Pollina. I had never heard of him before.

    For those who want to download the Rutherford document, here is the direct link to it.


  • Stromboli



    Sergio Pollina is not the owner of the site, he's the author of the article. (just to be precise)

    As for the owner of the site, You're absolutely right! the guy can't even understand that... common sense concept! All JW are immidiately attached from the get go and of course you can't find even hardcore apologists like our beloved Scolar JW let alone real JWs looking for confort or/and answers

    But to his credit he has the most info on JWs in italy and although his forum sucks, his site serves its purpose in the italian scene..


  • esw1966

    I remember having Br. S. Lett as our Circuit Overseer in Wisconsin. I like him a lot. When you first saw him speak it made you want to crack up laughing. His whole face was so animated like a Disney character! It was hillarious.

    The rest of the crew looks a little scary and not the kind of people you would want to FOLLOW! They appear to be a little removed from reality!

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