Today is my 1st Anniversary with JWD!!!

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  • greendawn

    Well done, you managed to break free from the cult and move on in life and surely this board is useful for providing moral support and guidance.

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Happy anniversary!!

    Its good for a much newer poster to see how far others have come through their journey away from the dubs, thank you for posting.

    CS 101

  • arwen

    Thank you all for your kind words. Garybuss: My message/advice to anyone who is trying to find the truth about the WBTS or someone who is trying to leave the organization is to read as much as possible on JWD and slowly begin to trust others. My posting was the first step for me to gain courage to leave. The support of those here on the board and a very close friend made it possible for me to see myself as a thinking person who could finally make a decision about my own life. I come to the board every day to learn more, hang out with friends, and post so that maybe I might encourage someone else. There are many books out there too, Ray Franz, Hassen, Bryan's book, also many websites that offer help. Just get involved and be true to yourself! I have such freedom now in my life and I feel so much happier. This was the the best baby step I have ever taken.

  • outnfree

    Sincere congratulations, arwen!

    At the Apostafest yesterday I realized that I'm five years out, no longer would recognize lyrics to many "Kingdom Songs" (thereby being unable to participate in parodies), am becoming less and less Bible-literate, and it's a blessed relief!

    May you continue to "progress"!


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