Was Balaam's Ass a Former CO? Where is he?

by Seeker4 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Seeker4

    I just brought Balaam's Ass' post about his CO experiences to the top. He'd been posting here for a few months, but just a very few times..
    Said he'd been a CO for 9 years, stopped last August. His wife was a pioneer.
    His posts just ended. Did anyone PM him?
    Do you think he was pulling our legs? He seemed harmless. Wasn't stirring anything up, and the little he wrote seemed authentic, though it's very hard to know for sure.
    Just wondering. Anyone know anything they'd like to share?

  • james_woods

    I kicked that one (where he promised to publish his memoirs by the end of the week) back to the top when the thread about newbies who just quit posting came out...there was a string of comments on it, but finally most everybody decided that he was phony because that was the end of his posts...

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Another strange addition to the online JW community, those who claim to have had positions of authority or expierances they never really did. Damn people.

  • Confession

    He could've been a poser. He also might just have gotten away from the board for any number of reasons--as so many of us do. I hope he's for real and that he follows through as he said he would.

  • daniel-p
    most everybody decided that he was phony because that was the end of his posts...

    I see no reason to come to any conclusions about his authenticity. The end of his posts doesn't signify anything except that he has stopped posting.

  • core

    Think he was Caspian -....or his sister!

  • james_woods

    What I meant about the "end of the posts" was that he came right out and promised some CO tales for us, and then disappeared without a word. Didn't mean to imply that anybody who quits posting is automatically a poser.

    I also was hoping that he was real, because there sure should be some good stuff if it had been so.

    But, now I have lost patience with it. And, some are suggesting that they knew this guy under another avatar.

  • minimus

    "Is it easy to fade?"....that was a "CO's" first thread, first question. Think about it. He's a C.O. and he doesn't know. He needs our advice, our help?? Pleaseeeee.......He smelled right from the beginning. I do think that many here are naive. Just because someone says they're a CO, elder, an elder's daughter---always looking for advice, does it ever occur to you that such persons can be pulling our chains? I guess it's very easy to dupe anyone that ever was a Witness, huh?

  • Confession

    "Pleeease" yourself, Minimus.

    I guess it's very easy to dupe anyone that ever was a Witness, huh?

    I guess some who were Witnesses still think they know it all, huh?

    The guy could be a poser. He also could be busy with other things--or could've decided, for now, the board wasn't his thing.

    We don't know. And neither do you.

  • james_woods

    It would suck big-time if he was for real and we got him pissed off because we didn't take him seriously.

    On the other hand, if he is lurking, now would be a good time to defend oneself...

    I looked back at his posts - the first one was 4th May 06; he says he is just beginning to fade.

    On 13 June 06, he identifies himself as a 9-year CO, and says he finished his assignment last August.

    So, by that time frame, he would have been an acftive CO who was also a fader for four months - surely a unique situation.

    So, come on out from wherever you are and prove yourself up!

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