What was the wildest thing you saw an elder do or say?

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  • jambon1

    After replying to a recent thread, it made me think:

    I`ll bet that there are some wacky elder experiences out there.

    What was the wackiest thing you saw an elder do or say?

  • damselfly

    While out in service an Elder in my hall (got appointed even though his wife refused to convert) gave permission for a householder to say a prayer for him while at the door.

    I wasn't on the call but was in the car group, caused quite a stir it did.


  • betweenworlds

    We had a Rutherford era elder at our hall, one who had spent 5 years in prison for preaching during the 1940s, get up on stage and quote Rutherford and said "the clergy are all a bunch of God damn bastards" LOL! that woke everyone up. And yes he did get a talking to :) Shelli

  • jambon1
    and said "the clergy are all a bunch of God damn bastards" LOL! that woke everyone up.

    FFS! That is a classic.

    I once heard an elder say that sometimes it is OK to miss meetings. Everyone just gasped. A sister who was in the row next to me mouthed "I have never heard that from the platform. Ever!"

    I was kinda taken aback myself. I had never heard that either. Ever!

  • candidlynuts

    a youngish elder came to the meeting one sunday in a neck brace, limping.. beat up looking

    he had been in a car accident..

    about a month later it was in the paper that he was cited for drunk driving

    he was removed as an elder after the paper came out.

    i was a teen and was very shocked that elders drank!! even worse..drank and drove.

    grew out of that innocent outlook fast.

  • damselfly

    During a counseling session with an elder (one of many lol) he told me taht "worldy guys" are just out to "get their rocks off"

    Too bad he didn't know what his sons were doing. ;-)


  • james_woods

    We got a new congregation servant at our hall in Okla. City. He was kind of sponsored by the circuit overseer and was moved in from somewhere in west Texas. Young guy, complete with the ego to match Donald Trump.

    He gives a closing prayer about six weeks later, in which - (get this) - He praises Jehovah for the special spirit of goodness in the congregation since he had been appointed as the overseer. He was also quite fond of saying (many times over) - "now, brothers & sisters, if you have any problems with your life, just approach myself".

    Search the songbook racks for a barf bag!

  • Zuko

    I heard and elder say on the platform once that if you where not teaching your children the truth and making them go to meetings you might as well just put a gun to thier head and pull the trigger. It happened I swear. I remember hearing a gasp from the people in the hall. He was trying to make a point but boy did he get in some trouble for that one. He had to get up at the next meeting and apologize to everybody. Still a elder in good standing as far as I know.

    This was the same elder who caught hell because he brought two signs the the hall one Sunday morning that said the local football team was going to lose to their opponent and gave them to the PO sons to carry around the hall. I thought the PO was going to kill him.

  • Calliope

    during a shepherding call discussing doubts about the organization,
    this one elder said that he read this book on the Masons and was so fascinated by their beliefs...

    the other elder glared at him, like "what the heck are you saying?"...

    then i became a Mason.


  • Honesty

    Open their mouth.

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