Wow, what an assembly!!!!!!!!

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  • lilybird
    How many of us were less concerned about the vindication of Jehovah's sovereignty than with showing all those worldy naysayers wrong when they were destroyed at Armageddon? How many times in FS did I hear a report of an uninterested householder "who would be sorry

    elliej. That is so true. My father-in-law who was an elder in his congregation talked about helping to lead Dubs thru the great tribulation and into the New System.At the same time he would shake his head and say that the people who turned away from the message of the watchtower would see they were wrong and be sorry for not listening. Sadly, he died 3 years ago never to realize his dream. After the funeral ,his wife(my mother-in-law) was upset because he didn't live to help lead the way.. Oh well.. thats the way life goes I guess!!!

  • orangefatcat

    I have heard the same words, since 1963 and guess what nothing has changed, if I had a dollar for everytime the GB stated the end was emminent I would be filthy rich...

    But its not me that is rich its the WTS. Money grubbing morons.

    I hope they choke on those words. "The end can't be that far off." or its not going to last another year, or you don't need an education of higher learning, we learn from JG organization. Of course the Society has their own doctors lawyers, dentists, candle stick makers and a baker and what ever else. But its okay for them but not the rest of us.


  • caligirl

    Man, am I glad that I haven't had to sit through one of those DC's since 1994! And my sincerest sympathy to all of you that still have to sit through them- that would be one of my worst nightmares come true to have to do all that again!

    I'm surprised that they have not adopted the format of that Weather Channel show "It Could Happen Tomorrow" and made a DVD to provide the scary visual aides needed to jolt the rank & file into greater productivity. (You know, replace those pesky outdated pencil drawings of all the people being swallowed up by the big cracks in the road from the 70's with a fear inspiring special effects bonanza)

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    remember to promote our new book when it is in stock!, why the world may end in 2 weeks,

    allow 6-8 weeks for delivery!

    Heehee..that was good

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