What Bible do you like?

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  • anakolouthos

    I've really gotten a lot of use out of e-Sword & Bible Gateway. e-Sword in particular has been very helpful with research, since you can get pretty much any translation, Bible dictionary, or commentary under the sun as a module for it. It's an awesome program. I've only recently started venturing into other translations, but i do really enjoy my NIV Study Bible. I bought it before i had read anything about its alleged doctrinal bias, & i really love its rendering of a lot of scriptures. It's much less wordy than the NWT. I like the commentary & background it has before each book, & the extensive footnotes & cross-references on every page. I also enjoy The Message, although it's not a scholarly translation by any means. I think it's supposed be "hip" for the kids or something, but it is fun to read. Very easy to get into. I also love the archaic language of the King James Version... especially its famous rendering of the 23rd Psalm. The way it words the scriptures is very poetic & beautiful to me. It's a lot of fun comparing all the different versions out there. Hope you find one you like!

  • Inquisitor


    One thing I learnt about the NIV is the way it attempted to white-wash an apparent Biblical discrepancy. This had to do with the clash between the understanding of Genesis 1:20-23 with Genesis 2:19. NIV appeared to have made a grammatical error deliberately as it was the only convenient way to smooth the wrinkle in the faith. This was discussed in a previous thread - Why so many versions of Genesis 2:19?

    That is a perfect example of murdering truth in pursuit of the evangelical agenda. While I do not agree with a free-for-all liberal interpretation/translation of the Scriptures (e.g. the neutralizing/feminizing of pronouns in relation to God), I am equally disgusted by the conservatives who think they know best because their approach is proudly conservative and who employ over-generalisations, mockery and name-calling. You'll often find that while they excel in their presumptious airs, they often fail in making a logical case for their beliefs. If you have ever been a JW, you should already know this.

    Having said that however, I must add that I still use the NIV just to compare its translation with those of other Bibles, esp the NWT. NIV isn't perfect, but it isn't useless either.



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