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  • nicolaou
    your prefer to live by?

    Love, and common sense. Gia sou Joe! Are you Cypriot? Ti kanis? I'll be in Limassol in a couple of weeks time if you want to meet up for a Keo or two. Nic'

  • heathen
    Jesus expressed more meaning to the Law (ie. Hate is Murder, Thinking about adultery is adultery..) to make it impossible to keep, because if any person could he would in fact be 'perfect love' as Jesus was... His whole purpose was to stress the fact that we are all sinners and have 'all fallen short of the Grace of God' and need to rely on him in order to be saved..

    Interesting concept . Is that the way the WTBTS sees it or is that your personal opinion? The apostle Paul was kinda wayward on his teachings , later he will say alot of rules that one must obey to be counted worthy and just the faith in christ would not do it . The WTBTS favorite scripture of "faith without works is dead". I think the ideology was changing such as , the jews became a great nation by multiplying where as christians would be a great nation by converting people from all over the world . The act of breeding was now not important but only spreading the message of christ and his kingdom .IMO

  • renando_stimpy

    I'm not a Jehovah's Witness just by the way.. I guess you could call me a Jesus` Witness ( Acts 1:8 )

    That's my own personal opinion, and the message of the Gospel, that we are all sinners and fall at the mercy of our creator for being sinners, although He's given us a way out through his son Jesus Christ. and all we've gotta do is die to ourselves and live for him..

  • LDH
    Questions from Turkey, Amaysa

    Bonnie, look at the Replies, I see our new friend had some difficulty with the format.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy


    Hi! No, I'm not Cypriot, I'm a Brit ex-pat in Pafos. Been here about a year now.

    I'd be delighted to meet up to discuss the Keo - Leon - Carlsberg question. Adequate sampling is necessary, of course!

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