Marlan Wayans father is a JW

by Kristofer 10 Replies latest jw experiences

  • cyrus

    hi guys he souinds like my dad ill never forget my little bro was 7 or 8 and used to raid fridge without permission .my dad consulted elders and was told next time he did it to tie him up and beat him naked with a stick or belt .A little while later early one morning i\ raided fridge for ice cream my brother did same thing and got caught red handed .with spoon in one hand and ice cream round his face denied he had been at it .instead of laughing at situation that evening my father tied my little bro to our metal bunk beds and beat him i will never forget that as long as i live as well as the guilt for not having the courage to admit my part in it .It took me 25 years to beg my brothers forgiveness for letting him go through that monstrous act .Im almost 40 yo now and can still hear his screams as my father beat him before my own and sisters eyes.


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