Whats the tallest tale you've spun and someone's believed it?

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  • DannyHaszard

    Jesus had his second coming in 1914

  • puck

    i convinced my girlfriend that i had a prostate. i told her it was a "genetic anomoly" and runs in my family. (i'm a woman...) she was so mad when i *finally* confessed.

  • crankytoe

    I was trying to tell a friend about how I was drunk at a bar and this lady kept trying to help me stand up and walk back to my car,

    Well before I could finish the story, he kept interrupting with - "---And then ya banged her right?!"

    He kept doing that so finally I ended up just saying, "Yea, she helped me to my car, and then I banged her,"

    But actually nothing happened, she helped me to my car, I drove two blocks(maybe), pulled over and went to sleep. She had written her phone# on my forearm, but when I sobered up, I was too embarassed to call her.

    To this day my friend believes I banged her only because it would be too much trouble for me to try to tell the real story,

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Several years ago, back when the internet was still in its earliest stages, our office had e-mail that extended just within the office itself. The office was pretty small, maybe 40-50 people. Also, our computer "network" extended just within the walls of the office--only good for sharing files within that physical location.

    I had a higher "security" rating on that primitive network, so on March 31, after hours, I created an e-mail account with a name similar to the boss's ("Richard K----" instead of "Rick K----"). I wrote an e-mail imitating his rather pompous writing style in spelling out new standards for the office, things like:

    -- Sign out sheets for paper clips

    -- Don't use the office copier for less than 10 copies--if you have fewer, wait for someone else and "copy-pool"

    -- Print queues for the computer printers now operate in alphabetical instead of chronological order

    -- All client meetings must be conducted in navy blue suits. All personnel should bring in a navy blue suit to leave in their office to change into for "emergency meetings"

    And so on. The e-mail was read on April 1, of course.

    Quite a few people actually believed it until the more rational members of the office reminded them to look at the date of the e-mail.

    sir82, as someone who works in an office, I can appreciate the hilarity in this. Well done. :-) P.S. As for me, I'm usually the sucker who falls for the tall tales - I like to think of it as "trusting people" *sigh* Oh well. Gullible Girl

  • bebu

    LOL!! Great stories. Loved the office memo, sir82. Fast thinking there, confession!


  • Insomniac

    While in grammar school, I told everyone that my eyesight was getting progressively worse (which was true) and that I would be completly blind in 2 years (which was a lie.)

    Also, I occasionally tell people that I used to be a phone-sex operator or that I answered phones and set appointments for an escort service, just to see how they react.

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