Where do you go for fellowship now?

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  • GentlyFeral

    I was a Unitarian Universalist for seven years – it's a great place to recover from a religious breakdown. It's a very cerebral kind of space, though, and when I mutated some more, I wandered off. Hung out with Pagans for a while, but even that wasn't strange enough.

    Right now I'm going to a Missionary Baptist Church "where everybody is somebody and Christ is the main attraction." The preaching is electrifying and (near as I can make out) they only mention sin and hell because it's in the contract. I don't share their belief in hell – never will –and don't see any reason to rub their noses in it, because they don't dwell on it; it distracts from partying with God.

    I only go there about once a month – it's a powerful experience and I'm afraid my brain might short out if I go more often.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I come here. I haven't joined another church, and have no intention of joining one. The years I spent as a jw provided all the religion I will ever need. In fact, I think I took an overdose, so no more organised, or even disorganised, religion for me

  • Justice-One

    Gun Club/Rifle Range.

  • esw1966

    I started listening to MANY different religious sermons on my ipod. I distinguished what I thought was truth, sincerity, and love.

    I came to REALLY enjoy going to 2 churches in town now. I go to one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. I LOVE them!!!

    You can hear their podcasts on iTunes or from their websites. They are: cornwallchurch.com and ctkbellingham.com . Both churches are in the city of Bellingham, WA USA and can be found online or on iTunes.

    I feel they are genuine, Christ-like, and very loving, positive, NORMAL people. I have been benefited greatly by it and I feel it has really brought me into a close personal relationship with Jesus.

    It may feel odd at first, but listen to it and challenge it against the Bible. I feel it is very postive and people friendly.

    Another podcast I have really enjoyed is from Seattle WA. It is Marshill Church with Mark Driscal as Pastor. They too can be found at their websites or on iTunes.

    Mark Driscal is very liberal, yet VERY Biblical. It makes SO much sense to me.

    I have LOVED these! My favorite is Marshill, then Christ the King in Bellingham, WA, then Cornwall Church in Bellingham, WA.

    Gotta love'em!

  • esw1966

    p.s. - on iTunes I have also enjoyed very much The God Journey.

    They are 'opposed' to organized religion while maintaining their relationship with Jesus. They are funny and have a very interesting slant to things. They are not a religious sermon, but they take on religious subjects with much laughter.

  • Quentin

    Home...as to any sermons have listened to Chuck Swindoll for years...

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    The Corner Tap on Karaokee Night has been fun , but alas I need to widen out . AHHH so many bars so little time . j/k

  • Stealth453

    May I suggest "The Church of the Verticle Smile"?

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