Now Brothers........

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  • Momofmany
    It is only brothers, until a sister has seduced them into bad behaivor, you know like., Adam and Eve.

    When my mom started studying, I was 14. I remember her taking me to the kh for the first time. There were four "brothers" there talking to me. They had me backed against the wall, where the coats were hung up. I was the bad one. I was tempting them by talking to them. Forget that there were four of them, and I was to the wall. I was 14, and they were in their 20's. I remember my mother telling me, "they want to keep their boys clean. You should not have showed your knees." Yep, it was all my fault.

  • geevee

    Flamin Hell!!!
    Yes it IS pathetic. The attitude goes all the way back, at least to rutherford if not russell.
    So what about sitting in the "book" study [yes with the aid of the bible] and having to listen to some dimwit read..if you can call it that [his wife whispering the words to him] and just because he is a "brother" the sisters who can read way better having to stomach it???!!!
    BTW thanks for the replies.

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