The very night I join this forum, the PO calls me...

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  • free2beme

    They view woman at the way to the man.

  • blondie

    Elders meeting before CO visit

    PO: Well, I have this list of ten inactive brothers and sisters. The CO will be asking us if we have tried to make contact with them. I see here Brother CYA that 4 of them were last assigned to your group. Brother Inactiverelatives, I see that 2 of them are your sister and brother-inlaw. The last 4 have been inactive for some time and I'm not sure where they live any more. Brother Computer can you take those. Now we have to be sure to try and contact these people so that when the CO comes we can tell him we tried.

    If they left a phone message, they will most likely feel that they have CYA'd. As to calling the wife rather than the husband, have they tried calling your husband and he has put them off? If so then, they may try the wife as well.

    If they drop by unannounced, don't answer the door; instruct hubby and children not to answer either, or just send them on their way. Never invite them in.

    Blondie (inactive 4.5 years)

  • greendawn

    It's always the case with the JWs when you need them they never come to give some support but when they need to get you back to contributing to the WTS they will show up to offer "spiritual help". Decoded that means persuade you to go back to being an unpaid salesperson of their publications.

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