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  • BluesBrother

    I saw Syd and the original Pink Floyd at a ballroom gig in my home town back in the mid 60's . They played behind a light show that obscured most of the band members. It was the time of songs like "Arnold Lane" and "See Emily Play" . Between sets Syd was called upon to help judge a beauty contest, as I recall.

    Pink Floyd were never a real favourite of mine, but I respect his originality and creativity.

  • lowden

    Some tragic characters of the rock/pop world seem to get more attention than their talent asks for. Many often become more famous dead than when they were alive. This partly happened whilst Syd was a walking zombie and he became an inadvertent rider of latter Floyd fame (Shine On etc) but if Floyd had 'bombed' after he left rather than becoming musical behemoths, i think he would have disappeared into obscurity decades ago.

    Just watch the cd re-issues, compilations and tribute albums come flooding into the shops in a week or two.



  • nicolaou

    Very sad.

    Would it be asking too much of Shining One to show some taste and change his avatar now? I just can't link a creative genius to a little squirt with a mind the size of a walnut.

  • Thegoodgirl

    Thanks for posting this, Tijkmo.

    I am really sad, for some reason, at the news. It's just such a sad story, a sad life, that the guy had. Cut short so quickly. The songs that were dedicated to him are some of the most moving and meaningful songs of all time to me.

    In some way, he is like a lot of the JWs we know. So much potential, but too messed up in the head to do anything about it.

    And by the way, I thought he had schizophrenia, not just "effects from LSD." Can anyone clarify?

  • tijkmo
    Was going to mention the same tune, Tijkmo. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," about the musical genius

    there was the famous story about the recording of shine on..

    the band had not been in touch with syd for a long time...i think they had tried but he had cut himself off completely...but when they were recording shine on, which he would not have known was about him, he appeared in the studio, stayed for a few minutes, spoke to no one, and then left....never to be seen again....spooky!!

  • sf

    My nearly fifteen year old daughter has recently embraced classic rock {she dumped rap all on her own} and fell in love with P.F.'s music.

    She is sad, as they are one of her top favs, and plays them daily.


  • delilah

    Pink Floyd, without a doubt, one of my favorite all time bands.

  • under_believer

    So long, you crazy diamond.

  • bonnzo

    just bought the dvd "pulse", a live pink floyd dvd today(7/11/06). the first song: shine on you crazy diamond


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Ok, everyone thinks he's such a genius, have you listened to any of his stuff after Floyd? It is pure mental illness set to music, there is no genius.

    TItles like Baby Lemonade and Gigilo Aunt,

    "Heading on down with the light, the dust in your way
    she was angrier there, than her watershell male
    life to this love to me - heading me down to me
    thunderbird shale
    seems to be all and it's rosy - it's a beautiful day!
    will you please keep on the track
    'cause I almost want you back
    'cause I know what you are
    you are a gigolo aunt, you are a gigolo aunt
    Yes I know what you are
    you are a gigolo aunt, you're a gigolo aunt!" Gigilo Aunt by Syd Barrett

    He may have been one with Floyd, but he became a scrambled brain afterwards and his music is just plain unhinged.

    I know some say that there is a fine line between genius and madness. If so, he was both.

    He was quite dodgy to put it plain. I hope he had plenty to live on while he was around and that his death was painless.


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