Analysis of a Time Consuming System: Shocking Numbers about JWs

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  • GermanXJW

    In 1994, the German WT-branch made a survey and published in the German brochure "Jehovah's Witnesses - People in Your Neighborhood - Who are they?".

    They state that on average JW spend 14.2 hrs a week for leisure (cinema, TV, theater, hobbies, etc.) but 17.5hrs a week for "spiritual things".

    17,5 x 52 = 910 hrs/year

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan
    What gives the list so much ooomph is the very fact that it is underestimated.

    Thanks Leolaia, that was my main goal with this list. The most telling point is that NONE of this includes daily Bible reading outside of the weekly Bible reading schedule which equals to 2-3 minutes per day.
    Not to mention that this dosn't include any of the other contributions made by many of the flock including
    - pioneers (50-70 Hours more per month not to mention all the wasted driving time and break time that happens as well)
    - elders (Elders Meetings, Giving Talks, Sheparding Calls, Etc.)
    - ministerial servents
    The numbers are rediculious considering what the Watchtower actually provides at these meetings. Most is 'encouragement' to continue on in the schedule. How many times have you hear people at the meetings say we need to be at the meetings? How many times have you heard a comment at the KH that says we need to comment more? None of what they do ammounts to any study at all, instead it is a cycle of going in a circle and saying how great it is.

  • Rabbit

    Drew, thank you. That was eye-opening for sure.

    Now...since we're speaking of "spending"...I'm wondering what JW's spend in ca$h for literature, contributions, book bags, hotel rooms & food for assemblies, gas for all meetings & service, etc.

    Of that, how much $ makes it to the WTB&TS ?


  • Borgia

    The thing was: I spent 20 hours of WT-time a week after I quit pioneering which had consumed 6 days a week. In my newer situation I had only six hours left for the total WT requirements. So, where would I make a mend? Would I apply the spiritual timeley councel to simplify my life?

    YES!!!! I did.

    I quit going to meetings, fieldservice, preps, you name it. To keep the misses happy, see relatives and frieds I go to Sundays meetings. It also gives the opportunity to give some comments to adjust some thinking a la Drew and to see how funny all has become. It´s all a big show. With a downside, though.

    So, from personal experience, I can say that it is a huge improvement on lifes quality and what a simplification. Timely councel indeed.

    Reminds me of a young sister who got interviewed at the last assembly. She must have been barely 18 or so. Pioneering had always been the goal her parents put in front of her. She said: "From my personal experience I can say that pioneering is the most rewarding way of life there is", and I unquote. Yeah, I know, DWR (high dinner to waste ratio)

    Now, I spent four to six hours weekly to read and meditate on spiritual matters and that time is well spent. Better than the 20 hours of protocol I used to sacrifice to the WT altar.

    Now, being again faced with the practical idiocy of it all, it reminded me of a man who considered himself and his teachings as merely a raft to be use to cross a river on the road to somewhere else. It seems Jdubs are overconcerned to stay in the raft instead of continuing on the road ahead.



  • moshe

    828.8 hours per year...-- I agree, Drew, what a waste of their time- Just think how many carpets the JW could have cleaned instead! peace, Moshe

  • Terry

    I was thinking the other day how I got out of the Kingdom Hall by 1978, but, my best friend stayed in and has been to every meeting every week of every month of every year since then!!

    Almost 30 more years of butt-numbing nonsense running through his brain than I've experienced!! And I should wonder why he is so hard to convince??

  • Witchettygrub

    Time is our greatest asset. I've learned not to fritter away something so valuable.


  • M.J.

    Thing is, during down time from all this, what does a witness do? Watch television most likely!

    Television is a brain-dead time filler to cover the gaps. After all, not many would have the energy for much else.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan
    Jdubs are overconcerned to stay in the raft instead of continuing on the road ahead.

    So true! Although this is not by chance. It's better to say that their leaders pull out to sea and drop the anchor. But every once and a while somebody abandons ship and swims to shore.

  • LovesDubs

    Drew, obviously you havent traveled for 5 hours one way with your kids and your bookbag on your shoulders and head through aligator infested swamp lands to attend the book study. :)

    I used to think ..Gawd...what idiot would do that??? LOL!

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