Be Careful Whom You Tell You're A Witness

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  • SirNose586

    What a rat. I'm glad that office manager got canned and that she stood up to the Org.
    Heck, drinking a Roofie Colada and waking up the next day in someone else's pad is punishment enough.

  • james_woods

    When I was a young JW, a girl JW moved into our area, but into a different congregation. The rumor immediately went around about her - "don't date her - she was reproved for immorality in another city but was not quite disfellowshipped because she claimed she was raped".

    So, I guess she was marked with the scarlet "A" in addition to being the victim of a crime. I took her out a couple of times anyway and there was absolutely nothing at all wrong with this young lady.

    This thread is a lot like that case - didn't anybody notice that this woman was the victim of a crime, not the cause of one? Let those elders just please explain that any woman who goes to have a social drink in a public place is "asking for it". And let that harpy of a receptionist rethink every personal moment of her life and see if she really should be throwing the first stone.

    Both cases make me sick to my stomach.

  • LDH
    We cannot ignore Caesar's law or the seriousness of an oath, but Jehovah's Law reigns supreme.


    Sorry, HIPAA trumps Jehovah! (Federal Law protecting privacy)

    Perhaps an "active JW in good standing" could mail a copy of that article to the Headquarters and ask if their position has changed since HIPAA was passed and enacted.


  • Severus

    No doubt the reporting JW nurse took this as faith-strengthening persecution and an attack from Satan.

    It's a beautiful world.

  • nsrn

    There are JW's working in medical records at my place of employment, too. Our hospital makes a HUGE deal about HIPPA with annual manditory education, etc. Hope they paid attention.

    That Awake article failed to mention a third scenario: Mary approaches the sister, who tells her 'how dare you...say one word and I'll have your house/job/insurance/4-door attorney will be contacting you.' Forth scenario: Mary approaches the sister, who draws her loaded concealed weapon...

    Sorry, my imagination is running wierd. (Sleepless night)

    Has there been any further mention of the federal privacy act in the literature? Seems like a lawsuit for breach of confidentiality could include the borg, since the instruction in that Awake is to violate the law.

  • vitty

    I think the WT article should have said that considering our "bible conscience" and our need to tell the elders any information. It would be wise NOT to take a position of employment that would bring into conflict a persons right to privacy.

  • Stealth453

    Brings to mind nazi Germany during the second world war.

  • james_woods

    Or eastern Germany up until 1990 - they say about 1 person in 6 was a VolksPolizei informant. The records they kept on ordinary citizens could have filled the library of congress...

  • vitty

    I thought that when you take on a position of trust you must sign a confidentially form.

    If a witness was asked " would you pass on confidential information. if we gave you this job" How would they reply

  • buffalosrfree

    I have always found it easier when especially filling out medical records permissions etc, to simply say protestant, catholic, buddist, animist, etc., and have on occasion written in none of your business. I have found that when I had put JW i never got a visit from anyone (i.e. HLC, elders, ms's or anyone else from congregatin) except the local chaplian and they have always been very supportive of my wishes and have been always encouraging and non judgemental.

    I have found that when the brothers and sisters find out you are going to hospital etc., they get very noisy and I have on many occasions told them its none of their business what my current medical condition, or program for that condition is. they are a very very noisy bunch of people, you can tell those with genuine interest and those on the info hunt very easily.

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