Be Careful Whom You Tell You're A Witness

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  • RevFrank

    A friend of mine had a little different happening. I'll call her Andi. Well Andi was a Witness, single, and decided to go visit a bar she heard about in San Bernadino California. She lived in Riverside California.

    Well that night she was dancing and someone slipped her something in her drink. The next day she found herself in some guy's house and slipped out and went home. Since she was a Witness and didn't want to report, the guy slipped her something, to the police, but she took off to see a Doctor in Orange, because she was worried about a disease and not wanting to be found out by the Elders on one slip up about going to a single's bar.

    The office manager of the Doctor's office, a woman, and unknown to Andi, was a Witness. After filling out the form, including stating that Andi was a Witness, the office manager contacted Andi's congregation of Jehovah Witness's Elders.

    A week later the Elders came to Andi about this. Andi was so angered, she threw out the Elders and contacted an attorney and filed against the Doctor, the office manager, and everyone else that was working at the Doctor's office.

    The settlement was made out of court, due to the "Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Act." The office manager was fired and the Doctor filed against the former office manager to the medical board. Office manager was an RN.

    So you see, no one is protected against the Governing Body. Later Andi left the organization of the Watchtower..She had enough.

    Be careful whom you let know you're a witness when privacy comes into play.

  • Elsewhere

    Yup! I believe there was also an Awake! article about this exact same issue... in the article a "hypothetical" medical worker breaches the medical confidentiality laws to rat out a JW.

    Would anyone happen to have that article available for post?

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  • Gill

    That's a terrible story RevFrank. Glad to hear that the receptionist was fired!!

  • wednesday

    yes this does happen and I find it best now to not tell anyone anything. I just say I'm a christian. (unless they already know me from a long time ago).

    Also hospital clerks etc that check you in -look out -many jws get jobs like this. I know of several sisters who work in the hospitals were they have a bloodless program.

    This should not happen. esp with new privacy laws, but people do still talk.

    not only jws, but radical fundies.

  • peggy

    Andi handled it exactly has she should have! Instead of allowing the elders to bully her, she threw them out and contacted a lawyer. GOOD FOR HER!!!!

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    Interesting story Rev Frank. My local doctor's receptionist is a JW and I always wonder how much they know about patient notes. I've had discussions with the doctor about psychological issues of being a JW and the pain of leaving and being shunned etc.

    In any circumstance it's a pretty vindictive thing to do to rat someone in like that.

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